April 17, 2014

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Time for a change?
Written by Jim Perry   
Friday, October 19, 2012 12:19 PM

Almost four years ago, despite our differences — in politics, religion, and ideology — this country elected Barack Obama. The evening of his election was an historic moment for all Americans. We were proud to be Americans. It was a warm night, candles were lit, people were holding hands and tears were shed. This great country stood up and did something that many believed impossible — we elected a black American man to the most important and powerful position in the world. We believed, or wanted to believe, that this relatively unknown, highly charismatic, outsider had the hope and audacity to reach across race, religion, national origin, and yes even political affiliation and was going to heal this great nation.
This man, our president, made many promises. He told us that he would cut the deficit in half, he would have unemployment down below 6 percent, he made commitments about improving family income, reforming Medicare and Social Security, and reforming immigration, just to name a few. My area of expertise is recruiting and selecting top performers. I can tell you that people make all kinds of claims when they are interviewing and that politicians make all kinds of promises when they are trying to get your vote.  I have a golden rule that has served me well and it goes like this — “When all else fails, believe the observable.” Put aside the way they look, their eloquence, their ability to convince and persuade, then observe what they have actually done because there is no better predictor of the future than to examine the past.
So let’s examine how President Obama has performed over the last three-plus years. Unemployment was at 7.8 percent and it is still at 7.8 percent; not below 6 percent. The average unemployment rate over that time is 8.98 percent — the worst record in recent history. The real unemployment rate is 14.7 percent — 23 million Americans out of work.  Many have given up hope. The federal deficit was at $10.6 trillion and it is now at $16.1 trillion. This is a national tragedy. I can go on and on — median family income down $4,300 per family, gas prices at $3.75 a gallon up from $1.86 a gallon when Mr. Obama took office; 47 million people are on food stamps up from 32 million, no reforms of immigration, Social Security or Medicare.
America can do better. As I travel the world, people of other countries ask me: “When is America going to get their act together and help pull the world economy together?” My answer is Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney is a hardworking, compassionate, principled, articulate leader that has a proven record of success. He wants this success for all Americans and has a plan to help us get there. Why is it that he is often vilified in the media for being successful? When did Americans decide that it is a crime to be a success? Is it okay for Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and the Kardashians, but not for a presidential candidate? This just is the media imposing their political agenda again.
Sure, President Obama inherited a tough economy. But nearly four years have passed and we’re much worse off than when he took office. Someone once said that “you cannot talk your way out of what you behaved your way into.”
Enough enchanted speeches already. President Obama’s had his chance and I believe that it’s our duty as American citizens to replace this president on Nov. 6 and quit just hoping for change. It’s time to ensure a change with our votes on Election Day. My suggestion is to take a hard look at the last four years, turn off the TV, avoid the negative ads and vote with your head and not just your heart. Or just consider if you would replace an employee whose own record is so poor that he has to keep blaming his predecessor rather than to take responsibility for his total lack of ability to accomplish the goals that he was hired to accomplish — no matter how much of our money he has spent trying?
The time for trying is over, it’s time for doing; it’s time for Mitt Romney.

The Perrys will host Mitt Romney in their home on Saturday when he visits Perrysburg.

Four more years
Written by Murray Cohen   
Friday, October 19, 2012 12:18 PM

My vote this year again will be for Barack Obama for a second term in office.
I wish more had been accomplished during the past four years but what has been done, especially in an economy that was in total collapse when he took office, is breathtaking.
He would almost earn my vote for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, something the George Bush administration  couldn’t accomplish. It was Obama that got the job done. Just as he promised.
Ohio, with its big stake in the auto industry, must be grateful for the skillful way the Obama administration saved General Motors and Chrysler. Mitt Romney - at the very least - gave no support for this. And it’s not just GM/Chrysler he saved. It was hundreds of suppliers to these companies, whose bankruptcies would have impacted  the economy of scores of communities in Ohio and the Midwest.
Romney said on his first day in office, he would have repealed Obamacare. Tell that to the millions of Senior Citizens who have benefited, tell it to the many families who can still keep their children on their health plan for several more years. Obamacare must be amended to make it more friendly to the medical profession, but all the good stuff in it to see that the middle class doesn’t go broke over illness should be retained.
As for a “voucher” system for Social Security and other benefits, which Romney-Ryan espouses, although we have much reforming to do, that’s a no-go as far as I am concerned. You are pitting millions of people out there against insurance companies who have the expertise to out-maneuver them. Social Security must be reformed but a voucher system is a threat to all of the middle and lower classes.
It is unacceptable to me that people earning millions of dollars a year should be paying no more-or even less-than their secretaries. And Romney-Ryan are pledged to give the millionaires and billionaires a tax break even with the current deficits and other challenges. They’ll make up for it, they say, with ending, “loopholes.” At every step of the way, brilliant attorneys/lobbyists who earn more in an hour than the average reader and advertiser of this newspaper make in a week, will be building giant walls to stop them. The major “ loopholes”  that would be ended would be those benefiting the average citizen.
I have been disappointed in Obama. I had hoped the Asian wars would have been over within his first year. I had hoped for an immediate clamp-down on tax benefits for moving American production overseas. I had hoped for the deficits to be reduced or eliminated despite the irresponsible mess left behind.
But, given the challenges he has faced and partially overcome after eight years of Bush’s gross mismanagement, I believe Obama deserves another term in office.
In the past four year, we have seen:
— Reversal of the 800,000-a-month losses in jobs in the private sector;
— Return of a good measure of the respect for the United States among many countries since the debacle of the Bush administration;
— Passage of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act;
— Achievement a new treaty with Russia to limit warheads and launchers;
— Keeping American troops from being involved in the Syrian Civil War;
— End of torture policies, which according to the Geneva Convention were illegal;
— More financial possibility for students to get through college;
— Tripling of AmeriCorps;
— More protection for credit card consumers;
— Reduced oil imports and the probability the USA will be a natural gas exporter; and
— Payroll taxes reduced.
(Another view of the election  is presented today by my friend Jim Perry of Perrysburg, a former Delphos resident who is a long-term director of Delphos Herald, Inc.)

Letter to the Editor ~Klingler
Written by Staff Reports   
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 4:06 PM

Paper boys and girls
Wow what a job these kids do! They are  out in all kinds of weather, up by 4 a.m. on Saturday morning and out the door delivering. 
It’s pretty much a thankless job, as people want their paper put in specific places. I can certainly see the elderly or handicapped may need this help but the younger generation certainly doesn’t.
Then the Delphos Herald gets calls that their paper wasn’t delivered and they blame the carrier. Before you get irate, maybe you should think did someone else in the family pick it up, did a neighbor pick it up by mistake, did a neighborhood dog carry it away, who knows. But instead of getting all upset over it why don’t you call your paper carrier and ask if they could bring you another one?  
These young carriers don’t get paid much. Yes, I understand it teaches them responsibility and gives them the tools they need to find a better job when they are older. I can honestly tell you that most people wouldn’t do this job because of the pay. So, congratulations to these young kids and their parents who support them.  
Remember your paper carriers at Christmas and tip them once in a while if you see them. Tell them what a great job they do. 
Before you complain maybe you should deliver the paper with them one day to see just what they do go through.

Donna Klingler

Letter to the Editor-Violet
Written by Our Viewers   
Monday, October 15, 2012 10:27 AM

Resident of Lima and neighbors have been extremely blessed with classical and seasonal music under the baton of Conductor Crafton Beck and the symphony orchestra.
He has inspired young people to pursue participation in practice and performance. We urge the LSO Board to continue this opportunity in the future.
Norma Feathers Violet

A bumpy ride ahead
Written by Nancy Spencer   
Monday, October 15, 2012 10:18 AM | Updated ( Wednesday, February 27, 2013 3:20 PM )

In the coming weeks, we will be bombarded by political ads posturing about the good (them), the bad and the ugly (their opponent). We’re smart enough to figure out not everything in political ads is necessarily true. Apparently, it doesn’t have to be. It just has to get your attention. The more you hear a name, the more likely you are to check that box on election day, especially if it’s a state or national candidate you really don’t know much about. They are counting on it.