August 27, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor - Buettner PDF Print
Monday, April 15, 2013 9:14 AM


I am writing in reference to the proposed Dog Creek wind farm that will be located west of Delphos in Van Wert County. The developer, Iberdrola Renewables is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain. These are the same people that developed the Blue Creek farm further west in Van Wert County.

As I have researched wind farms, I have become increasingly more concerned. There are so many negative issues with these wind turbines.

When I first heard of the proposed Dog Creek farm it was almost a year after the landowners were being approached. I was amazed that we were never told of this. I thought if this is such a good thing, why are people not talking about it? Usually, when good things happen, people are celebrating the news. So if this wind farm is such a good thing for this community why does the developer want so desperately to keep it quiet? This was the first red flag for me.

The success or failure of the Dog Creek wind farm falls squarely on the shoulders of the landowners west of Delphos. Many have already signed leases to allow for the turbines, many have not. All of these land owners are hard working farmers whose families have been good stewards of this land for generations. They have worked hard to preserve a way of life to be proud of. They have helped to build a strong community that we can all be proud of.

Now, at this time, this way of life is being threatened. It is our turn to stand up for what is right and not allow this to happen. We need to protect this land for our children and grandchildren. These wind turbines have the potential to destroy our way of life and cause many problems in our community. It has happened all across this country and will happen here as well, if the Dog Creek wind farm becomes a reality.

In closing, I would like to say that nothing in life is truly free, everything has a price. These turbines may seem like a good idea to some, but there will be a price, and it will be paid by all of us, the landowners, our children, our neighbors and the citizens of our city, our state and our country.

Molly Buettner


Letter to the Editor-Klausing PDF Print
Monday, April 15, 2013 9:09 AM


Are you aware Iberdrola Renewables, a division of Iberdrola SA of Spain, is in Delphos commissioning landowners to give up their land to build 150 wind turbines?

These 550-foot-tall turbines will connect to the already built monstrosities in Van Wert. YOUR tax dollars are subsidizing the construction of these turbines.

After learning from a real estate agent that the property value of homes located in the wind farms have decreased, it angers and frustrates me to see people being taken advantage of.

It’s up to you to educate yourself about what is being forced upon us. Just because you did not sign a lease or easement does not mean you won’t be directly impacted. Please educate yourself. Go to: or or type in “you tube turbine flicker” to see actual footage of shadow flicker and turbine noise.

Please voice your opposing opinion and help prevent the rest of the landowners from signing over their valuable property. If you would like a “No Wind Turbine” sign, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mary Kay Klausing,



Letter to the Editor - Grothouse PDF Print
Monday, April 01, 2013 8:37 AM


There has been some time passed since a last review of the pricing of our precious liquid gold. Better know as “Gasoline”. In my past letter, I noted the prices and how they were not consistent in the downward movement (prices dropping) when comparing the pricing of surrounding stations. My previous observations showed our stations to have a difference of 12-15 cents per gallon higher during the downward trending time period.

After the previous letter to the editor, the weekly variation in pricing seemed to follow suit with other stations in the area, within a few pennies. But, I am sad to say, that over time the competitiveness in pricing has gradually eroded and the variance in prices has set a new high.

Today we are facing the same situation as before. Similar/simultaneous pricing as the prices increase and slower reductions as the prices drop in the area. This time, the pricing spread is even more outrageous.

On today’s pricing, I recorded a whopping 21 cents per gallon higher price here within our city, compared to other stations in the area. It looks to me as though we have returned to the same glutinous, monopolizing organizations of earlier last summer/fall, taking advantage of a captive audience unable, for what ever reason, to shop elsewhere for their needs.

Is the 21 cents extra per gallon in your pockets worth it?

John Grothouse


Letter to the Editor - Heiing PDF Print
Monday, March 04, 2013 10:32 AM


I am writing in response to the person that attacked the character of Delphos St. John’s fans based on “Hear say” — if you didn’t attend the games, how can you have an opinion??

In the many games that I attended in person over the years, I’ve seen the newspaper reading act used by the student cheering section many times. As a matter as fact during big tournament games in the late 1970’s at Ottawa-Glandorf, we pulled out newspapers on more than one occasion. Delphos St.John’s game with New Breman for first place in the M.A.C. certainly qualified as a big game. It’s not being rude as you stated, but good clean fun between opposing schools.

Your second put down of St. John’s was the removal of “clothing” from the Ottoville fans before the match up with the Lady Jays. Our school didn’t allow the fans to bring in boxing gloves inside the gym for obvious reasons. If you actually attend an Ottoville girls game along the tournament trail, the O.H.S.A.A. also says you can not bring in signs, banners, or noise makers to the game.

Also, wanted to give high marks to Ottoville’s Coach Kleman. He silenced the Ottoville student cheering section during pregame warmups when they were harassing a certain Lady Jays player. He then again told them to stop the chant “double digits” in the 3rd period when DSJ finally got its 10th point. Coach Kleman is a class act and showed the real meaning of sportsmanship. Good Luck to the Big Green for a deep run in the tournaments.

Delphos St. John’s fans are not rude — they simply support their high school athletes just like any other community would support their team.

Thank You

Larry Heiing

1981 Ottawa-Glandorf graduate

current Delphos St. John’s fan


Letter to the Editor - Ferda PDF Print
Monday, February 18, 2013 9:49 AM


I defended you. I worked on your first campaign. In the rain, in the snow and in the cold I went door to door campaigning for you. I debated others who jeered and belittled you. I acknowledged your short comings but defended your stances. I didn’t always agree with everything you said or did. I didn’t like when you went back on your promise to close Guantanamo Bay. I was angered that you called Ahmadinejad after his farce of win, when all other world leaders refused. I haven’t agreed with your policies in Iraq but still I defended you. I didn’t agree with all aspects of your budget, but I did commend the fact that you finally were putting the unaccounted for wars into the budget, I applauded your call for transparency in government. I cringed when I learned you didn’t mean it for yourself. But yet, I still defended you.

I cheered with approval on how you supported the rights of women and your monumental stance on gay rights. I couldn’t believe that after all your anti-Bush statements that you continued to not only infringe on American rights by using the Patriot Act, you also continued our human rights violating tactics used by the previous administration. I defended you against ignorant and racist comments. I defended many of your actions because you have faced and dealt with more disasters than any other president in history.

I defended you during the second election. I was disenchanted but I knew your social stances were a step forward when your opponents were from a previous era. I knew that the same corporations were funding both of you but yet I still believed in you. I defended you when others called you a socialist. I wouldn’t have cared if you were in fact Muslim because religious affiliation, in this country, should not matter. I died inside watching the death toll rise on innocent civilians that were considered “collateral damage” by way of drone strikes.

I defended you even though you have continued and increased the endless folly that is our drug war and your extension of that to raiding and putting pressure on honest citizens. I felt pity as you made endless promises to the Latino community, only to drop the hammer harder on them than before. I defended you when people clutched their Bibles and guns when you proposed sensible gun legislation. I was stunned when you signed the National Defense Authorization Act. I have defended you more times than I can count.

After 9/11 President Bush stood on the precipice, one decision could’ve place him firmly in the annuals of history as a great president who rose above hatred and ignorance. Sadly he chose the latter. He should’ve been impeached. His cabinet and Vice President Cheney should’ve been brought before the world court to answer for their war crimes. You too had that moment. You have constantly tried to show the American people that you are relatable and now you’ve proven it. You’re just like the previous president, just like the previous administration. The audacity that you now openly boast about using drones strikes against American citizens is above and beyond reproach.

At one point I would’ve been proud and honored to meet you; to shake your hand. But you have severely marred our flag and the memory of what it stood for. Any good you do now is just noise falling upon deaf ears.

I defended you. And you Mr. President have failed me, you have failed us.

A disenfranchised citizen,

James Ferda


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