August 30, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
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Sunday, November 03, 2013 8:00 PM


I am writing to encourage my neighbors from the south end of town to attend the city council meeting at 7 p.m. Monday. Not only will we be supporting our fireman, medics and EMTs but it is my hope also that the subject of the condition of the canal can be addressed as was brought up by councilman Mark Clement at the last meeting.

I realize the canal is owned by the state of Ohio but I would love to know who we go to for help? The Department of Natural Resources? This is a huge part of Delphos history; the residents themselves simply cannot clear all the brush and help with water flow. We’ve raised our kids by the canal, they grew up fishing, catching frogs and snakes and feeding the ducks.

We have not been able to fish for the past few years. We can still feed the ducks but the poor things have to walk through mud and muck to get to the food.

We need help. This causes a huge problem with bugs and really smells most of the time. There are so many issues right now, we as residents of Delphos need to be there to voice our concerns if we want to make any positive changes!


Amy Musser


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Saturday, October 26, 2013 12:00 AM

Dear Putnam County Voters:

I am writing to lend my support for the PCEMS levy and ask you to support it also. Back in 1974 I was one of the original squad members making runs when Putnam County EMS began. Being a squad member for over 10 years I got to see the dedication, training, and compassionate care given to patients all around the county. I also know of the stress experienced by EMS personnel as they try to relieve the pain and suffering of those in need.

On Nov.26, 2008, I experienced being on the “other side of the fence” when my heart stopped without any warning. If not for the quick actions of my wife beginning CPR and the quick response of EMS personnel, I might not be here to ask for your support. Their talent along with those of dispatch, fire, and police, all were part of the chain of survival that allows me to write this.

Knowing the levy will provide supplemental help for the volunteers to reduce response times, and provide community training in the form of CPR and First Aid, give me the confidence to ask you to join me in supporting this levy.

Seeing the EMS from both sides has made me realize that we cannot take that resource for granted. We need to strengthen Putnam County EMS to guarantee this vital service is available to answer the call. Please vote “YES” on Nov. 5.

David J. Odenweller




Dear Editor:

On Nov. 5, the voters of Putnam County have the opportunity to strengthen the medical well-being of the county. Putnam County EMS is asking the residents to approve a 0.65 mill levy that will provide supplemental help for the volunteers.

The squads are a vital link to medical care in Putnam County. Hundreds of patients are transported to and from our facility every year by our local EMS units. It has been very reassuring to the patients and staff, that compassionate quality care is available locally.

As a primary partner to the EMS, we at the Ambulatory Care Center see the unwavering dedication shown by the squads. We also get a first hand view of the strain put on the volunteer system due to increasing run volumes, additional training hours, and reduced availability. The passage of this levy will provide relief to a system that has been a source of dependable care and compassion for almost forty years.

Please join me in support of the Putnam County EMS levy by voting YES on Nov. 5.

Karen Vorst RN, Director

St. Rita’s Putnam County

Ambulatory Care Center



Dear Putnam County Voters:

Of all the worthy issues up for a vote this November, none is more important to our Village and Township residents than the EMS levy. We are fortunate that we are home to one of Ohio’s most successful EMS services. Recognized in 2011 as “Ohio’s Volunteer Service of the Year”, PCEMS has provided comfort and care to residents for almost 40 years. This service has touched many lives and has helped to form a solid base for the continued growth of our communities. It is truly a great asset to our county.

In service since 1974, Putnam County EMS has grown to meet the needs of the residents and have seen the number of runs nearly double to over 3000 since 1977. That increase and the modern day requirements of job and family commitments have greatly depleted the availability of these volunteers, in Putnam County and the entire state.

Your vote will fund supplemental full and part-time help for the volunteers, to ensure emergency medical response is not delayed. Along with that help the volunteers will receive a reimbursement increase for their time on EMS runs. Lastly these funds will provide community support in the form of CPR and first aid classes for residents, as well as continuing education opportunities for the PCEMS personnel.

Putnam County EMS has a significant impact on our community’s quality of life, so we encourage you to vote YES on Nov. 5 in support of the EMS levy.

Robert L. Heidenescher,

Putnam County Mayors Assn.


David R. Wieging

Putnam County Township Trustees Assn.


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Saturday, October 26, 2013 12:00 AM


I am writing as a supporter of the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board levy that will be on the ballot on November 5th. As a psychiatric nurse in our community I have first-hand knowledge of the success that results from treatment for mental health disorders. Our community has worked diligently to have passionate knowledgeable professionals, successful programs, and support systems in place for those with mental illness and also for their families.

Statistics show that one in four people experience some type of mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia in any given year. While that sounds staggering we also know that treatment works and people do recover.

Our local Mental Health & Recovery Services Board has been committed to funding needed services to help keep our local residents and their families healthy. Prevention services, treatment, and supportive services help to prevent many from being homeless, hospitalized, or incarcerated.

Please “Help Us Care” by voting YES on Nov. 5!


Mary Jane Mullenhour

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Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:35 AM


Vote Yes for the EMS.

Putnam County EMS is placing a tax levy on the November ballot to help hire additional full-time EMTs and paramedics. Why, you ask? Because volunteer squads have all but gone away. Up until 1998, PCEMS was 100 percent volunteer. Recent changes in the economy and the aging of our volunteers has made it necessary to employ additional full-time EMTs and paramedics. PCEMS has been self-sufficient for many years and has never gone to the voters for operating monies, until now. The state requires hours and hours of continuing education which in turn puts a time crunch on the volunteer who tries to maintain a full-time job, family and social life.

Fifteen years ago, Putnam County EMS took a “leap of faith” and created the Medic 300 program. In 1998, Steve Odenweller, PCEMS Coordinator, was looking to the future for the improvement of emergency care for the people of Putnam County and he continues to enhance that idea every year since. I trust that Mr. Odenweller once again has the best interest of Putnam County when he asks the voters for money. Do yourself, your family and your friends a favor by voting YES for the EMS on Nov. 5.

Joann Gerdeman, The Original Medic 300

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Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:35 AM


Putnam County:

Please vote YES for the Putnam County EMS levy. On Feb. 6, 2011, I became a survivor thanks in large part to Putnam County EMS. While passing through Columbus Grove, I experienced a sudden onset of cardiac arrest. My husband stopped at a local business where bystanders began CPR while Columbus Grove EMS rapidly responded to provide advance life support. All of these people played a part in the “Chain of Survival” that saved my life. If any one of those links would not have been there or been delayed in responding, my story would have a drastically different ending.

Unfortunately, not every cardiac arrest, stroke or accident can have a positive outcome like mine did. But we can make sure all the necessary tools are in place so more of those good outcomes are possible. The rapid response and trained bystanders were critical to my survival. Voting YES on the levy will help in both of those areas by: increasing EMS volunteer interest by giving a $2/hour raise for those on runs, hiring more full-time EMTs to help the volunteers and provide money for CPR and First Aid classes.

I spent several years as a member of Ottawa EMS working with caring EMTs all over Putnam County, but it wasn’t until my incident that I realized what an impact this wonderful EMS system can have in the lives of the residents in our county.

Please help keep Putnam County EMS strong by voting YES on Nov. 5.

Linda Llewellyn




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