August 27, 2014

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Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor-Stewart PDF Print
Monday, September 24, 2012 1:40 PM

When it comes to these “Protect Religious Freedom” signs in the front yards of so many people, my sign definitely serves for more purpose than just the rights of women. Christians are being persecuted all over the world. We should not be surprised by this, the Bible tells us it’s going to happen. That doesn’t mean we, as Christians, should be doormats.

Letter to the Editor ~Miller PDF Print
Monday, September 17, 2012 9:44 AM

I went to the Jefferson/St. John’s soccer game, which was played in Fort Jennings. This is where the Jefferson girls’ soccer team has to play their home games, since they are not able to use one of the fields in Delphos to play on.
What threw me back is the Jefferson team had to carpool over to Fort Jennings and the St. John’s team was able to arrive in a bus marked “Delphos City Schools.” I understand that this was considered a home game for Jefferson but to have both teams from the same town have to travel to a different city to play their games seems a bit ridiculous.
What if one of the Jefferson girls that is the driver of the carpool vehicle gets into an accident? Who is liable?
If Jefferson is forced to play home games out of town, then the school should provide them with a bus to those games. Since the public school does not have a fieled to use, then the city should step up and help fix this issue.
St. Johns’s baseball team does not have a baseball field of their own but the City of Delphos has offered the use of the public diamonds. I am glad to see that public facilities can be supplied to a private school in need but accommodations for a public school cannot be met.
This seems to be the story of this town. Is it not time to set aside a local dispute and start doing what is best for our kids in our town?
John Miller

Letter to the Editor ~Wrasman PDF Print
Monday, September 17, 2012 9:43 AM

Reading Mr. Donaldson’s letter reminds me of the Jewish persecution during Nazi Germany. At first, Jewish businesses were boycotted. Then Jewish authors had their works turned down by publishers, Jewish teachers and professors were dismissed from schools and universities, as well as Jewish actors being dismissed from theatres. To isolate the Jews, they were isolated from one cultural thing after another. But some still had hope and considered themselves loyal Germans. So were the trade unionists and Catholics and Protestants who opposed the Nazi regime.
Then came the Nuremberg Laws, which stripped the Jews of their citizenship and forbade interreligious marriage. Later came the “final solution” and the Kristallnacht and the rest we know is history. People, including trade unionists, and people from other faiths and occupied countries other than Jews populated and died in those concentration camps.
My husband and I are ones with those “Protect Religious Freedom” signs in our yard. I attend these meetings shoulder-to-shoulder with Catholics and Protestants. They all know from history that persecution can start in little ways and spread quickly. Just as the Jews were slowly squeezed out, the Catholic Church and its social services are being squeezed out.
“It can’t happen in America!” Blacks have had their churches bombed, as well as Catholics. Jews have had their synagogues destroyed and blood has flowed. Native Americans have been pushed around by treaties. America has its sins. It could certainly happen here. As it goes now, in some countries you can be put to death for having a Bible.
Since this is all related to the Affordable Care Act, I never considered being female a pre-existing condition, yet I have received the same quality health care as any man.
But, ah yes, the abortion issue…which is a sacrament in the Democratic Party, as proven by the speakers and the platform of the 2012 convention. Pregnancy is not a disease. Pregnancy is a privilege from God to help bring a precious life to the world. Instead of wiping it away, as your mother could have done to you, Mr. Donaldson, my husband and I are childless and so long for children. Give the child to a couple who so longs for one. That is a positive decision toward a woman’s own health.
The butchery of a child being ripped out of the mother’s womb…that’s an antiquated attitude.
Marlene Wrasman

Letter to the Editor ~Donaldson PDF Print
Thursday, September 13, 2012 12:05 PM

There are numerous signs posted across the area that read, “Protect Religious Freedom.” This is a nice sentiment but it also begs the question, “What religious freedoms need protecting?” Is there a torch-carrying group somewhere that is going door-to-door demanding that citizens turn over their prayer books, bibles, rosaries, crucifixes, religious pictures, etc.? Or is there a group that is crashing prayer meetings or church services demanding that they stop? I don’t think so, and I also don’t believe that those people posting these signs have an all-encompassing concern about the religious freedoms of U.S. citizens who practice the Islamic, Sikh, Hindu, etc. faiths/religions.
My belief is that these signs stem from a need to find fault with the newly supreme court – approved Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care law and the coverage it affords citizens of the female persuasion. When will people open their God-given minds and see that being a female is not a pre-existing condition and that they are entitled to have the same rights as any male citizens have to good, affordable health care.
Without being able to read minds, I have a strong suspicion that delving even further into this subject, I will find that since the ACA includes health care screenings and access to contraceptive care for women - that this is the real point of contention. This misogynistic attitude throws our country back into the dark ages where women were told, just like children, to be seen and not heard.
Well, times change and with it these antiquated attitudes toward women need to be thrown out. They have the right to make decisions concerning their own health.

Larry Donaldson

Letter to the Editor ~Hohlman PDF Print
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 12:07 PM


With both parties now having presented their platforms for the 2012 election, it is clear who was united from the beginning. Having to amend the platform after the fact, only to appease the man in power, makes it look like more of the same for four more years if Obama is re-elected. This unrest in the Democratic Party only shows that one needs to educate him/herself as to what is at stake.
One of the true details of the HHS mandate are exposed, it shows that freedoms are being taken away from every citizen. Some citizens will give up their religious freedom and medical treatment freedom by voting their party line. I say vote your conscience. The HHS mandate will only add financial burden to taxpayers. Do we want more financial burden? No!
Citizens can stand up for their rights; vote as if your life depends on it — it does. There will be no medical assistance for many as someone else will decide if treatment is needed for your illness, not you. There is no “free lunch” in today’s world. Many people are third generation welfare recipients and will vote to keep it that way.
It’s time to pray about the issues and educate oneself on the issues. Don’t listen to a biased conversation from a liberal news media as a way to decide how you vote. The news article by Mike Ford in The Herald on Aug. 29 regarding religious freedom was an unfair representation of the HHS mandate and how it attacks our religious freedom. Vote your conscience and vote for the person you want to represent you in government.
For more information, visit and

Lou Hohlman


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