September 2, 2014

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Monday, November 26, 2012 11:28 AM


By now most of you have already feasted on the big, golden-brown bird and enjoyed visiting with family and friends. Great food, great fun, and great conversation — it all makes for a great family get-together. We get to learn what’s going on with each other, see how the little ones have grown, and discover what we’re all truly thankful for.


If you’ve followed the Scott German story (my son-in-law), you probably know just what this Rostorfer and German family are so thankful for this year. Scott recently underwent surgery for a ruptured disc and is scheduled to have the bone put back in his skull the week of Dec. 3. We thank God for his continued healing powers and thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, and support. Scott continues on his difficult road to a complete recovery. Thanksgiving certainly has a whole new meaning for our families.


It is appropriate at this time of the year to extend our thank you’s to our volunteers who give so freely of their time; all in the mission of helping others in need. We have volunteers that can’t stand or lift anymore but want to continue to help, so they call and organize the times that other volunteers can help. We have volunteers that want to sort but would rather not work a cash register or bag. Then again, some like doing both. It’s whatever you feel you can do to help in any capacity. You are all so appreciated. If all your children are in school and you’re looking to fill a few hours, we’d love to have your help.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”  Matthew 25:40

We are also so thankful for the tremendous support from our community. Because of your donations and generosity, we are able to help so many in need. We’ve been receiving such nice donations from the fall cleaning spree as well as some much appreciated financial donations as well.

Keep this tip in mind that someone passed along recently: At their family get-togethers, each and every person big and small, brings a non-perishable item to the party. It can be a canned or boxed food item, a paper product, a personal care item, cleaning supplies, or diapers. Each person places their donation in a big box and it gets donated to the Food Pantry here at the Thrift Shop.

It’s a reminder and reinforcement to the little ones, as well as to the adults, that the true meaning of Christmas is in the giving: ”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.”

Stop in at the Thrift Shop and check out all the nice items in the Boutique. There are some great gift ideas. There are so many items with the price tags still on them.  The items change daily, as they do in all the departments, so stop in often.

Find your holiday attire here. Get brand name items at great prices; they can’t be beat.

At this time of the year, we hear the Salvation Army’s bell ringers. Please help them out with your change or spare dollars. Our local Salvation Army Chapter assures us that monies given locally stay in our communities to help those in need. Wish them happy holidays and drop a donation in their buckets if you can.

Everyone at the Thrift Shop extends their personal best wishes for a happy, blessed, bountiful, and safe holiday season and thanks you for your continued support in our endeavor to help those in need in our community. If you’d like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact the Thrift Shop at 419-692-2942.

Until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


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