August 23, 2014

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Monday, November 26, 2012 10:44 AM


DELPHOS — Fifteen-year-old Julie Intveen of Verl, Germany, has dreamed about one day moving to America and starting a life here.

With the friendship-pact and cultural-exchange program between Delphos and Verl, Intveen was able to get a taste of what that would be like.

“I’ve always thought about living in America later,” she said. “I thought this would be a good way to learn the language better and try being far away from home for a while.”


Now that she’s here, Intveen finds the United States aren’t much different than she imagined.


“The people are more friendly but I expected that because I heard a lot about it from last year’s students who came here,” she said. “I like how nice everyone is. Everyone talks to me and asks me questions. I like it here. There are so many things to discover and places to see. America is way bigger than Germany. There are so many restaurants, too, even in a little town like Delphos. Verl is almost the same size and we don’t have nearly as many restaurants.”

When not sitting in class at St. John’s, Intveen has been spending her time getting acquainted with staples of American culture and engaging in some of the same activities she does at home.

“I play tennis at home and I go horseback riding,” she said. “I’ve played tennis here and we have horses out in the barn, so I can ride here, too. I’ve seen a lot of movies, like ‘The Blind Side’, ‘The Campaign’ and ‘House at the end of the Street.’ My favorite food that I’ve had here is Pop Tarts.”

Intveen has grown close to her host family, Larry and Heather Bonifas and their children, and has made many friends while going to school at St. John’s.

“If I could take anything back home with me, it would be all of the friends I’ve got here and the people I’ve gotten close to,” she said.

The cultural exchange students head back to Germany on Dec. 8 and Intveen hopes it won’t be too long before she can make the trip back again.

“I would definitely like to come back someday, maybe for college,” she said. “I want to study journalism, maybe work in newspapers. I think moving here would be the best thing that could happen for me. I miss my family but I don’t really want to go back. My time here has flown.”

Intveen’s parents back home are Peter and Martina Intveen and she has a 12-year-old sister named Claire.


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