August 22, 2014

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Elida back to drawing board after levy failure PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 1:16 PM

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ELIDA — Elida Local Schools Board of Education held its first monthly meeting Tuesday since 60 percent of voters rejected its request for new money, a .75 percent earned-income tax levy that would’ve helped the district avoid making further cuts.

Elida will now need to come up with a game plan to stay afloat, which will most likely include going back to the ballot May.

“Ohio is number one in the country for the number of schools that go back to the ballot,” Treasurer Joel Parker said. “Tax cuts are good for the individual and they help politicians get re-elected but they don’t help schools. We’ve been lean for a long time, too lean I’d say. It seems like everyone wants to have schools operate like businesses, but that’s impossible when we have no control over our revenue. We definitely have challenges ahead of us.”

Even though Elida is on the lower end of the scale with overall cost per pupil and is the lowest in Allen County with administrative costs per pupil, Parker says the quality of education given at Elida has remained high.

“We’re really more efficient than around 80 percent of schools in Ohio,” he said. “We’ve outperformed others in our comparison group, both with our expenditures and our academic performance.”

Due to the staggering losses in funding, the district has been forced to cut $3 million in spending over the last decade, reducing staff by 43 positions, cutting programs and closing one of its buildings. Elida will now be forced to eliminate another $750,000 a year, which will likely include additional cuts to personnel, programming and the reduction of full-day kindergarten to half-day.

In other news, the board honored Deb Vine with the Elida Employee Excellence Award. Nominations for the award were submitted by members of the staff and supported by the Elida Employee Excellence Committee and Superintendent Don Diglia.

Students of the month for November are as follows: Elida Elementary- Dylan Maus, Nick Niebel, Marley Savill; Elida Middle School- Justin Burden, Rachel Coelho, Cristine Kirk, Kitana Pryor; Elida High School- Louis Gray, Morgyn Jones, Ian Klaus, Haley Snyder.

The board accepted the resignation of Elida High School cook Janet Bailey, effective December 31, 2012 for retirement purposes.

The following non-certified personnel were approved for employment: Ed Barnhart, substitute custodian and substitute bus driver; Angela Gibson, substitute secretary; Rebecca Hamilton, substitute custodian.

Also approved were the following supplemental employees: Kevin Bowers, head wrestling coach; Kyle Harmon, assistant varsity wrestling coach; Brady Overholt, 8th grade wrestling; Matt Dunahay, 7th grade wrestling; Dennis Thompson, varsity boys basketball; Matt Smith, assistant varsity boys basketball; Steve Smith, JV boys basketball; Rick Pellegrini, freshman boys basketball; Dan Mathias, 8th grade boys basketball; Mark Thompson, 7th grade basketball; Cheryl Fraley, head swimming coach; Matt Willamowski, assistant swimming coach (75%); Michelle Cahill, assistant swimming coach (25%).


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