August 21, 2014

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COSI Ecology Lab captivates students PDF Print E-mail
Friday, November 16, 2012 2:22 PM

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DELPHOS — Franklin Elementary students were captivated Thursdaywith COSI on Wheels Ecology Lab presenting animal habitats and ecosystems.
A Midwest school tradition since 1982, COSI On Wheels introduces dynamic science topics to an entire school with a high-energy, 45-minute assembly followed by a day of hands-on activities that enhance science inquiry skills and encourage continued learning. All COSI On Wheels programs fulfill scientific inquiry and application components of the Ohio College and Career Ready Standards.
During the assembly, Outreach Educator Katie Trausch explored a multitude of concepts, including the study of Ecology, species habitats, ecosystem populations, plant and animal physical structures and dependence on one another for survival.
Exploring Ecology hands-on activities included:
• Beaks as Tools: Investigated the different ways birds use their beaks as tools to acquire food - an adaptation developed in relationship to specific plants.
• C.A.M.O: Explored how adaptations, such as camouflage, help animals blend in with their physical surroundings and survive in their habitat.
• Ecological Monitoring: Explored the same habitat in four different seasons to discover how living things adapt to seasonal changes.
• Pyramid Power: Built food chains to better understand the relationships between predator and prey organisms, as well as the relationships to plants and soil. 
• Just Fur Science: Investigated real animal furs and learn how their fur helps them survive in their environment.  
• Mighty Morphin’ Power Changers: Explored the life cycles of animals that undergo complete body changes and how this cycle fits into the larger ecosystem. 
• The Root of it All: Used a large plant model, students will test their knowledge about the different parts of a plant and the role of photosynthesis. 
• Eye See You: Let students experience how different animals and insects see and how those various methods of vision aid in the animals’ survival.
• ProSEED to Grow: Tested different types of seeds and explore how the strategy of dispersal relates to the ecosystem in which the plant is situated. 
• Who’da Trunk it: Used a variety of tree rings, students will observe and discuss what changes in the environment could have impacted the tree’s growth, a method an ecologist might use to look at an ecosystem over time.  
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