August 29, 2014

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On the Banks of Yesteryear- Veterans groups PDF Print E-mail
Monday, November 12, 2012 12:00 PM

After the Civil War had ended in 1865 and the surviving soldiers had gone home, after the horrible images had faded somewhat, many of them began to miss the friendships and camaraderie that they had shared during the war. Out of this, the Grand Army of the Republic was formed. In Delphos, Post #95 of the GAR was named after Captain Rudolph Reul, a local doctor who had formed a company of all Delphos men to fight for the Union. Because this group never opened to other war veterans, it eventually died out.

The Spanish American War in 1898 was the first our country fought on foreign soils. At  the end  of  the  war these  veterans, many who came home sick or wounded,  found  there  were  no  provisions for medical care or veteran’s pensions for them, nor did the government show any interest in providing  for  their   sacrifices. In their misery, a group formed that would become the VFW or Veterans of Foreign Wars.  The Delphos VFW Post #3035 was not chartered until 1935 and was named in memory of two Delphos soldiers who were killed in WWI., Charles S. Walterick and George H. Hemme. To be a member of this group, one has to have been in combat on foreign soils. This group still has an active post in Delphos.

At the end of World War I, hundreds of thousands of American soldiers found themselves trapped in France, told that logistically it would be weeks or months before they could be transported home. To boost morale, a patriotic group was formed and named the American Legion. Locally, Commemorative Post #268 of  the  American  Legion, was chartered  in  1920  and  the first commander was Leonard Stallkamp. The Legion  is open to all persons  who  served their  country during times of conflict. This post is also still active.

World War II ended in 1945 and as the number of returnees swelled into the millions, it was evident that some sort of nationally organized assistance for them would  be  needed. The older established national groups were available to them, but the leaders of this new generation of veterans wanted their own organization and formed the American  Veterans of World War II.  AMVETS Post #27 of Delphos was organized that same year with Roger Hoverman as commander. It was named in honor of John A. Peltier who lost his life while serving on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor when  it  was  bombed  by the Japanese. The AMVETS no longer have a post in Delphos, but their banner is proudly hanging in the military section of our museum.

Although the museum is gearing up for the annual Christmas Tree Festival, there is still plenty of history to see.  We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. and every Thursday from nine to noon or by appointment.


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