August 23, 2014

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Noonan wins commissioner seat PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:12 PM

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LIMA — The three-way Allen County Commissioner’s race has been decided. Republican Cory Noonan won the open commissioner seat.
Noonan expressed his gratitude to Allen County voters for hiring him for the job as commissioner.

“It’s humbling. Fourteen months of going out door-to-door came down to two hours,” Noonan said. They hired me and I look forward to being county commissioner here in Allen County.”

Noonan sees working with the other 2 commissioners as a great opportunity. He is looking forward to the many challenges.

Right out of the starting gate, Noonan’s first priority will be reconstructing the counties’ budget planning and policy.  Noonan is a proponent for zero-based budgeting approaches and believes the line-by-line method will be a successful forecast tool.

“Concerning services, mandated verses non-mandated, we have to follow fiscal principles and live within our means. There will be challenges ahead.” Noonan added, “We need to focus on how to generate funds and not raise taxes.”

Another priority on the new commissioner’s list is addressing on Allen County’s economic development.

“I want to make Allen County a place where parents and their children can grow and see a bright future,” Noonan detailed the task at hand. “We have to ready our industrial parks for new business and retain the businesses that are already established in those parks.”

Noonan won the commissioner’s seat 26,095 to 16,480 to 2,218 over Connie Miller, a Democrat, and Don Kissick, a Libertarian, respectively.
Jay Begg ran unopposed for the second open seat.


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