August 22, 2014

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Monday, November 05, 2012 11:03 AM

If you’ve been on Facebook the last couple of days, you’ve seen the posts of what people are thankful for. During the month of November, you are supposed to say something you are thankful for each day, not just on Thanksgiving. I’m three days behind so I better get busy and catch up.

Day 1: I am thankful for my wonderful husband. He drives me mad, makes me laugh, makes me smile and makes it worth coming home every day after work. We are enjoying each other’s company and working on some small improvements around the house. It feels good.

Days 2: I am thankful for the rest of my family from the top on down to the little guy, Ringo.

Day 3: I am thankful for all I have. Watching the footage of the horrible destruction of Superstorm Sandy really makes you take stock of what you have and what you may think you need but don’t. It’s heart-wrenching to consider the families of those who have died and those who have no homes to go back to once things get back on track. We never truly appreciate what we have until we realize how much we have compared to others.

Day 4: (Yeah, I know I’m jumping ahead but I want to make sure I get this all in.) I am thankful the fall season is upon us. Aaaaah. The crispness of the morning air. The crunch of leaves underfoot.

The only problem is now comes the pre-winter cleanup. The bushes need trimmed or the Christmas lights will look funny. The flower beds need weeded and everything cut back. Who knows, with the weird weather we’ve been having, we might have to mow one more time.
I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks until Thanksgiving already. The pies and turkey in the freezer is a big hint. I’ve already doled out everyone else’s goodies they need to bring so the food is pretty much covered. Now I just have to work in a little cleaning (OK, a lot of cleaning) between now and then.

Back to fall and how much I love this time of year. I truly enjoy the first morning when you can walk outside and see your breath. That little cloud of moisture hanging in the air in front of me is awesome.

We had our first snowfall early this week. There’s an old wive’s tale we chat about on the second floor of The Herald building. The tale indicated that whatever date the first measurable snowfall of the year falls on, that is how many measurable snowfalls we will have that winter. Uh-oh. I believe is was Oct. 30. That means 30 measurable snowfalls this year.

I sure am glad it’s just an old wive’s tale. Whew. No one needs 30 snowfalls but I am thankful it was only a quarter-inch. I am in no way shape or form ready to shovel the white stuff or wear boots and all that garb yet. I’m thankful that was just a fleeting meet-and-greet with snow. (I know. That one doesn’t count.)

Try it for the month and see what all you’re thankful for. You don’t have to log on to Facebook to make a list. It’s just as good if it’s sitting on the counter or the table. It just matters that you’ve thought about it and perhaps shared a few with someone else.

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