August 22, 2014

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 1:05 PM

Do you ever wonder to yourself, what makes people tick? What I am not talking about is the crazy ones we read about and hear about on an all too frequent basis. (Even though, that often makes me think too; another topic, another time.) What I am talking about is in the workplace. What makes people tick? Is it an employee incentive that makes production greater? Do you have an absentee policy on not missing days, only to give a bonus day one time per quarter?
Could it be that your company refers to a predictive index system to match employees for the right job?
Does your company offer health insurance, sick days, paid holidays, 401K retirement plans, college tuition reimbursement? 
In each job, no matter the industry, there are individuals who are simply motivated by a signed paycheck. Some individuals may be driven by the benefits and incentives a company will offer them. And yet other individuals need nothing simpler than a smile from management, a friendly face to see each day and a knowing glance that their work is appreciated.  
I love fall, it makes me feel so positive and optimistic about what lies ahead. (And, no! I am not referring to the man in a red suit who will be here in 66 days.) For me, this time of year always feels like a new beginning; the kids are back in school (we have a much needed routine).
This being an election year for our country marks a fresh start in many ways regardless of the results. And, this is the time when we start making plans for our businesses and our personal lives for the New Year and all we hope to accomplish in it.  
Even though many companies are doing more with less, it’s gratifying to learn that incentive programs are regaining strength. It’s true, employees work better and more efficiently with a reward system in place to motivate them. 
Here’s to fall; proof that it’s never too late (or early) for a fresh start, a mug of yummy apple cider and a friendly smile to warm the heart.


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