August 29, 2014

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Ottoville releases 5-year forecast; bottom line decreases 50 percent PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 18, 2012 10:57 AM

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OTTOVILLE — School board members were briefed on the district’s five-year forecast by Ottoville Local School Treasurer Bob Weber Tuesday evening.
Weber has “guess”timated the district’s finances through 2017 with ending balances of $3,417,156 on June 30, 2013; $3,312,178 on June 30, 2014; $2,982,898 on June 30, 2015; $2,472,172 on June 30, 2016; and $1,751,144 on June 30, 2017.
“We do see about a 50-percent reduction on the ending balance from 2013 to 2017,” Weber said. “These are just estimates and we, like most districts, are very cautious when adding in state funding. It has been decreased every year; we just don’t know by how much. There are a lot a variables and state funding is about 50 percent of our budget. We haven’t seen Kasich’s next budget and the Presidential Election outcome could affect school funding as well. I reduced it by 3 percent each year for the last four years of the forecast.”

Weber also discussed insurance claims for the June 29 storm and the lightning storm on Aug. 4. Both events left damage to the school’s athletic complex and some additional damage was seen on the school roof near the gymnasium and a light pole.
Superintendent Scott Mangas discussed the districts “Safe” School rating.
“We had good results. We have a reduction in student incidences across the board and improved in all categories from four years ago,” he said.
The report indicates 43 students did not feel safe on the school buses compared to 106 four years ago. Improvement was also shown in other “hot spots” or areas that may have less scrutiny by teachers and staff like locker rooms, hallways and parking lots. Concerns in hallways was reduced to 27 from 72 four years ago; locker room concerns were reported 12 compared to 55 four years ago; and parking lot concerns were 29, compared to 104 four years ago.
Mangas also reported on the additional information received from the Ohio Department of Education on the State Report Card. The district had a 97 percent graduation rate in 2011-12 and the district has a preliminary rating of “excellent.”
Three Race to the Top team members will attend a meeting in Columbus Nov. 1-2.
In the high school report, Jon Thorbahn announced the school’s Big Bother/Big Sister program will get underway Thursday with 28 “littles” matched with high school students.
The board also approved the senior class trip to New York April 3-7 with 40 seniors on board.
The Big Green Go-Getters after-school program gets underway Oct. 23 with 83 students participating. The program is funded through a Safe Schools grant from the Putnam County Education Service Center and focuses on homework completion and enrichment activities.
In other business, the board:
• Motion to accept and thank the following individuals/businesses for their generous donations to Ottoville Local Schools:
Kalida Pioneer - $300 from  Kalida Pioneer Parade
Target - $143.35 from Take Charge of Education
Home & School Assn. - $150 for  iPads
• Set season ticket sales prices for the 2012-13 basketball season at the following rates:
Season        Adults      Students
High School Boy’s BB      $55      $25
High School Girl’s BB      $45      $25
All Junior High Basketball      $15      $10
Tickets go on sale Nov. 5;
• Approved the following bus drivers for the after-school program “Big Green Go Getters:” Lynette DeLong, Joe Hohlbein, Kevin Blake, Jeanne Wannemacher, Ron Miller, Traci Miller, Bob Langhals, Joe Modica, Dee Dee Schlagbaum, Ray Steele and Jodi Hoersten;
• acknowledge the Ottoville Athletic Boosters for all the hard work and funds that they have donated to the Ottoville Local Schools to benefit all of our students.  Total contributed since 2002 = $365,841.60.
• approve the following teachers for the Afterschool Program:  Susan Jones, Andi Wertenberger, Kim Hovest, Lori Schroeder, Darlene Hanneman, Judy Bosch, Connie Rhodes, Nancy Kroeger, Lacy Kumfer, Alicia Haselman, Tony Castronova, and Linda Kaufman; and
• Corrected contract days issued to Traci Miller from 161 to 162 days. Miller started transporting students Sept. 18.


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