September 1, 2014

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Library board awards bid to repair sinking floor PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 11, 2012 12:24 PM

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DELPHOS — The Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees knocked several items off its to-do list Wednesday.
Earlier this year, it was noted that the back corner of the meeting room in the main library building was sinking. The board gave Director Nancy Mericle the green light to accept quotes from local contractors for repairs.
“The one company we contacted was hesitant to give us a ball-park figure for a quote because they weren’t sure how long it would take or what they would find after they start drilling into the floor,” Mericle said. “Recently, I found out that Vonderwell Contracting came in and looked at it and said they would get back to us with an estimate. They got back with us and said they would probably drill holes into the floor and pump concrete in to level the floor out.
“The estimate they gave us was for $935. Our custodian, Norb Renner, said this was done out at Landeck and it worked very well, plus we wouldn’t have to deal with the problems of having the floor torn up.”
The board passed a motion to allow Mericle to accept the bid from Vonderwell for $935.
Another decision on the table for October was whether or not to begin landscaping around The First Edition building. Mericle received quotes from two local landscapers.
“Both were very open to coming in and talking to the board and both do excellent work,” Mericle said. “One had more plants so their quote was higher, but they also had more low-maintenance plants. The other had a lot more flowering plants on their proposal, which would be more maintenance, but the quote was lower. I think that if we were to go to them and ask them to re-quote with some lower-maintenance plants, it might be more what we’re looking for.”
The board made a motion to go with the lower quote, Mox Nursery. Money for the project will be taken from a $300 donation from the Green Thumb Garden Club and from the remainder of the funds from the Dienstberger Foundation.
On the subject of hiring a page to help put books away, Mericle says the library staff has narrowed the candidate pool down to three.
“I had two of the staff members interview the applicants and they narrowed it down to three girls,” she said. “Once we choose someone, it could be halfway through November or the first of December by the time it’s all set up. Whoever we choose will also need to get a work permit from school.”
The new page will be paid $7.70 an hour with a tentative maximum of 15 hours a week.


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