September 1, 2014

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BBB reports bogus debt phone scam PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 04, 2012 12:52 PM

The Better Business Bureau is warning area residents of a vicious debt collection scam being conducted in the region that involves a very scary and convincing approach to consumers. In this scam, the intended victim receives a phone call from the Dominican Republic purportedly from a collection agency or a person seeking money for some bogus debt.  The BBB has received numerous calls about this scam in the past few days.
The caller tries to convince the victim that they owe a certain amount of money and if they do not pay immediately the FBI or some other law enforcement agent will come and arrest them and “extradite” them to the Dominican Republic.
In at least one reported incident, the victim was told the money was owed to some company in the Dominican Republic. The victim sent a total of $1,800 via Western Union to the caller. This person told the BBB that she was terrified and had spent three hours on the telephone with the scam artist.
It was reported that this person had a slight accent but was very understandable.
The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc., do not make phone calls or send emails to people they are looking for. They show up at that person’s door, in person, to take care of business.
Anyone receiving any kind of call demanding money for some “debt” and using threats, should hang up immediately and call the authorities.
For more information, contact Neil Winget at 419-227-8012.



+3 #1 2012-10-05 10:21
Got a call like that. This guy claimed I took a payday loan some 18 months ago and demanded I pay off the debt right away. I've read about this scam at before and I knew that the caller was bluffing.

I told him I knew what he was up to and then hung up the phone.

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