September 1, 2014

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Monday, September 24, 2012 1:40 PM

When it comes to these “Protect Religious Freedom” signs in the front yards of so many people, my sign definitely serves for more purpose than just the rights of women. Christians are being persecuted all over the world. We should not be surprised by this, the Bible tells us it’s going to happen. That doesn’t mean we, as Christians, should be doormats.
It is now and has been coming to America for a while. As a Christian, I am very concerned. Have you not heard of the man down in the southern states who was jailed because he held a Bible study in  his own home?
The Ten Commandments are being attacked seemingly “everywhere.” Somehow, if one person complains about something being religious, the majority has to succumb to the one. Since when does the majority not win? Since “they” are attacking Christians, that’s when.
Somehow it is OK for Hollywood to attack Christians. It’s OK for them to make Christians look dumb or awkward.
If you don’t believe Christians are being attacked, you had better wake up because it’s going to be in our own backyards before you know it.
As far as the signs being in protest of the Affordable Care Act health care law and taxpayers paying for coverage of women; being female, I do not believe my government owes me good health. It’s NOT an entitlement. My tax dollars should never go toward contraceptives and abortions. As a woman or a man, as an adult, that’s my responsibility.
You are right, Mr. Larry Donaldson, women do have the “right” to make decisions concerning their own health. Quite frankly, it should start with asking our Lord for wisdom to make the right decisions concerning our bodies, eating right, exercise, good mental health and keeping unmarried legs together.
Kathy Stewart,


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