August 22, 2014

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Ottoville teachers get schooled on iPads PDF Print E-mail
Monday, September 24, 2012 12:29 PM

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OTTOVILLE - Educators at Ottoville Local Schools had their training sessions on iPads Friday morning during a student 2-hour delay.

Just as incoming freshmen got iPads, so too did their mentors; through Race to the Top and REAP Grant funds, Ottoville purchased 33 iPads for teachers.
While students enjoyed two extra hours of sleep, teachers gathered in the high school to receive training on their iPads. Shelley Mumaw of the technology department assisted in leading the training program.
“Things are going well,” Diana Wurth said. “We divide into smaller groups and then train on how to use them and their content.”
With the iPads, Ottoville will start using textbook applications, better known as Apps. According to Superintendent Scott Mangas, the apps are less expensive than traditional textbooks.
With the tools, Ottoville High School looks to keep its technology cutting-edge and help better prepare its students.
Students can use their iPad for notes, to watch digital videos, review news stories as they unfold and access study aids and thousands of applications. The mobility of these devices — with their wireless connection — allows students access to the Internet anywhere they have a wifi connection.
Teachers and the administration are excited about using them for projects, class communication, collecting work, student exploration and the ability of having thousands of apps to enhance learning.
With students and teachers alike trained, Ottoville can begin to change the way learning takes place.


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