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Monday, August 27, 2012 11:43 AM

Palestine to get electrification
French and British engineers have completed a project which it is hoped will be put in place very soon for the electrification of Palestine by causing the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean to flow over a 250-foot ridge bordering the coast thence through a canal cut out of solid rock, whence the waters would hurl down in an almost sheer drop into Lake Tiberius and the Dead Sea, more than a one thousand feet drop.
It is estimated that the total electric energy developed would be sufficient for Palestine, Syria, Asiatic Turkey and Egypt. The total cost is placed at about $75,000,000. Able scientists have calculated the net energy at 420,000 H.P.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 8, 1926

Delphos fans plan to see Babe Ruth play
A number of Delphos baseball fans are planning to go to Lima Friday to see the great “Bambino” play ball.
Lima and Celina are to play the deciding series which was evened out Sunday when Celina won by a score of 1 to 0.
In addition to Ruth, the Lima club will have such stars as Billy Southworth, St. Louis outfielder; Frank Gilhooley and Micky Heath of the Toronto minor league champions, and Pinke Pitting, late of the Louisville club and now the property of the Cincinnati Reds in its lineup. With Celina will be Bruno Betzel, Louisville infielder; Tavener of the Detroit Tigers and Ty Freigau of the Cubs, besides other league luminaries.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 13, 1926

Two women shoplifters
The local police have identified two women, who, it is alleged, were guilty of shoplifting in Delphos a few days back.
The two visited several local stores among them the Lange Dry Goods store, the Remlinger Drug Store and the Neuer 5 and 10 cent store. In the last named place, it is claimed, one of the women was seen by Miss Theresa Neuer taking some merchandise and putting it into a large bag which she was carrying.
Miss Neuer accused her of stealing and took hold of the bag. The woman ran and the handle of the bag, tearing loose, it was left behind.
In the bag were found silk remnants and a table scarf, stolen from the A.H. Lange store; a vanity case and powder puff from the Remlinger store and stockings and two silver table mats from the Neuer store.
The women, the police state, have agreed to come in and make settlement. Their names are not being announced and it is likely that no arrests will be made. Miss Neuer secured the license number of a car in which the two women left the city.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 13, 1926

Hog cholera raging near Delphos
Hog cholera is still playing havoc with hogs in this vicinity. The disease continues to be doing most damage southeast of the city.
One man in that territory lost forty hogs and others are reporting heavy losses.
Many of the farmers are having their hogs inoculated to prevent them from taking the disease.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 13, 1926

Finds story of Columbus’ Last trip to America
New Orleans, La. – A full account of Christopher Columbus’ last voyage, a roster of his crews, their salaries and all incidents of their trip, were said by Dr. Rudolph Schuler, archeologist, to be contained in manuscripts brought here by him from Central America.
Dr. Schuler, who for the last 27 years had conducted archeological and linguistic research in Central America, same here with the view of having Tulane university publish the results of his years of labor.
The scientist said he unearthed unpublished accounts of Columbus’ last voyage to America, together with a history of the survivors of the expedition, while delving into ancient Central America and Spanish archives.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 22, 1926

Two cooks in wreck near Delphos
Two men believed to be of the genus “yegg” are in the Van Wert County Hospital at the present time and awaiting transfer to jail as the result of an accident, shortly before midnight on the Lincoln Highway at the bridge over the second creek west of Delphos. An auto said to have been stolen, was wrecked.
The men gave their names as Casey Mitchell and Leo Armstrong, both of Ft. Wayne. The car, a Nash roadster, struck the concrete wall of the bridge and was reduced to a mass of wreckage.
Mitchell was driving at the time and was caught under the steering wheel and was badly injured. His companion was asleep and also was injured.
Passersby picked the men up and brought them to Delphos to a local physician.
Two guns, a 45 automatic and a 32 automatic, were carried by the men and fuses, dynamite detonators and ear drum protectors used for protection during explosion, were found in the car. These awakened suspicion and the police were called. They, in town, notified Sheriff Johnson, of Van Wert County.
By order of Mr. Wagoner, the men were removed to the Van Wert County Hospital in the Harter and Brenneman ambulance.
Mitchel is about 22 years old and a married man.
Delphos Herald, Oct. 19, 1926

Attempted robbery figured out
The mystery of the attempted robbery of the Mueller-Chevrolet garage and of the change of heart by the intruders which caused them to depart without the loot has been partially explained.
Upon reading the account of the attempt in the Herald Wednesday night, Merchants’ Policeman Art Kohn was reminded of the strange actions of some people in an automobile on West Second Street Tuesday night and the police are of the opinion that these were the guilty parties.
While making the rounds on the night in question, Mr. Kohn noticed a machine with headlights burning, parked on the north side of Second Street, across from the Mueller-Chevrolet garage. As it was about 2 a.m. he considered this deserving of attention and crossed the street and walked behind the car. He then noticed that the near license plate was missing. He immediately called the night police from the city building.
The people in the car noticed that they had attracted attention and, honking their horn sped away. The police started after the machine, which, in the meantime, had made several circuits in the vicinity of West Second and headed west on the Lincoln Highway. The police followed, but their machine was unable to match the speed of the fugitive car and they made their escape.
Delphos Herald Sept. 30, 1926

Greatly pleased with appearance of Delphos
Administration for the city of Delphos and surprises at the great changes which have been wrought here were expressed by J.W. Berryman, St. Marys, upon occasion of a visit at the O.J. Brenneman home, 501 North Canal Street.
Mr. Berryman was accompanied here by his wife who had never visited Delphos. Mr. Barryman had not been in this city for fifty-six years past.
Needless to say, he found many changes. He was greatly pleased with the appearance of the city, commenting upon the prosperous appearance of the business district and admiring the beautiful residence streets. He also spoke of the excellent walks which have replaced the old board walks which he remembered, and found a great improvement in the streets.
Delphos Herald Sept. 14, 1926

G. & L. Boot Shop changes ownership
A change in ownership of the G. & L. Boot Shop is announced, and it will be known as the Z. & L. Boot Shop.
Jos. Zimmerle, Toledo, and Alex. Lindemann have purchased the store from N. C. Miller. The new owners intend to move the store into the Zimmerle building and will occupy the room which is now used by the Moorman & Myers grocery.
This room will be completely remodeled, a new front will be installed, also a new steel ceiling and new shelving. When completed, it will be a modern shoe store in every respect.
Mr. Zimmerle was born and reared in Delphos and has many friends here. For the past 15 years he has resided in Toledo.
Mr. Lindeman has been in the shoe business in Delphos for many years past. Ten years ago, he and Mrs. Lena Goebel started this store in its present location. Six years ago, it was sold to Mr. Miller, who conducted it until now. Mr. Lindeman worked in the store also.
Mr. Zimmerle plans to move his family to Delphos in the near future. Mr. Miller states he has not made any plans for the future.
The Delphos Herald, Sept. 14, 1926

New library hours
A new schedule of hours for the Delphos Public Library was placed in effect Monday. This new schedule is expected to prove a convenience to the general public and especially to the pupils in the local schools.
One of the most important changes is to have the library open during the noon hour. This will give the pupils, especially those residing outside the city, a place to spend the noon hour in a profitable manner.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 14, 1926

Itinerant uses “canned” heat
An itinerant named James Marsell of Missouri was arrested on North Main Street Thursday night. He is said to have been imbibing on “canned heat”, when he was arrested. He said he ran out of liquor and took the canned heat. When released, he was given 10 minutes to leave city.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 24, 1926


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