August 30, 2014

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Monday, August 20, 2012 10:30 AM

Dienstberger Band plays in plane with motor shut off.
An “Aerial Orchestra” is a musical innovation which has been started by a Delphos boy, Carl Dienstberger, whose musical organization includes two Delphos men, Richard Ulm and Wm. Wimmindinger.
While laying at Fremont, Mr. Dienstberger and his players gave exceptional concerts by ascending in an airplane and playing selections while in the air.
The plane would ascend to a good height and the motor would then be shut off so that the music could be heard and a selection would be played while the lane coasted.
So far as is known this is the first time in the history of the United States that a musical organization has given a concert from the air.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 16, 1926

Makes elaborate costumes
for the stage
A former Delphos resident and graduate of Jefferson High School has gained fame in her chosen field, that of making elaborate costumes for the stage. The superiority of her work merited a half-page spread in the Charlotte Observer on July 5.
Mrs. Robert (Carlita) Gemin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eleyet, 904 W. Jefferson St., has a particular specialty - Elaborately beaded and appliqueed costumes - and she makes hundreds of them each year.
Mrs. Gemin, who has a studio in her home, designs and makes about 500 costumes a year for the Charlotte dancing school, suits for the Carolina Plowns, high school majorette outfits, luau costumes for private customers and some costumes for the Carrousel parade.
Actress Julie Newman wore the latest “Carlita Creations,” in the musical theater’s production of “Damn Yankees.” She was commissioned by the theater’s Sarah Brook. Mrs. Gemin’s son Butch, was an extra in “Carrousel,” and introduced his mother to Miss Brook.
Mrs. Gemin got started in costume work when her daughter, Marsha, then four, needed a costume for her first dancing recital. Her latest creation for her daughter, now 12, is a long white satin gown elaborately trimmed with cut sequins and jewels. It took her three weeks of steady sewing by hand to bead the dress. Marsha will wear it in this year’s parade.
Most of her designing and sewing skills were self-taught. She said, “I really got interested in all this through my mother, who did expert sewing and other handicrafts.”
In addition, Mrs. Gemin’s resumes include a graduate accountant and an accomplished singer. “And, an excellent wife and mother,” adds her husband.
Delphos Herald,
July 18, 1962

Museum gets collection of World War I materials
A fine addition to the local museum is expected to arrive in Delphos within a few days.
John H. Wahmhoff, curator of the museum, Monday afternoon, received notice of the shipment from Columbus of a collection of World War material which was captured from the enemy. A list of the articles which are in the shipment was enclosed:
Five bayonets, sawteeth,
Five bayonets, plain,
One canteen, infantry,
One canteen, medical,
One cartridge case,
Two steel helmets,
One maxim, 1908, machine gun,
One machine gun tripod,
Two Mauser magazine, 1898 rifles,
Two German Mannilichor, 1888 rifles,
Two Mauser repeating rifles, 1971-1884,
Three miscellaneous rifles,
Two sabres.
These items will be displayed in the Remlinger Drug Store window.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 28, 1926

Strikes out fifteen men
Delphos came through with a win at the expense of the Lima Independents Sunday afternoon in the first game of the five-game series which is to be played by these two teams.
Ten innings were necessary to decide the issue and the fans were given a treat all the way. Three hits in the second inning gave Delphos its first run. From that time until in the ninth, both teams blanked. Delphos threatened repeatedly but were unable to put across another run.
Horne was holding the enemy hitless and mowing them down regularly.
In the ninth inning, with two men down, the Lima fans began to leave. Then, however, the fireworks started and an error and a hit netted one run sending the game to a tie and into the extra inning.
The fans returned to their seats and prepared to enjoy some extra session. The hopes of the Lima contingent, however were dashed when their favorites failed to count in the tenth and Delphos came through with the run needed to win.
Horne, the International league pitcher who was on the firing line for Delphos, provided deep dark mystery to the Lima players. Only two hits were made off his delivery by the Lima team, both of them singles.
Final score, Delphos two, Lima one.
Delphos Herald,
Sept. 27, 1926

Whippet start test run here
A novel test to determine the power and economy ability of the Overland Whippet is being conducted by Delphos Overland Co., local representative for Overland and Willys-Knight motor cars this week. On Tuesday afternoon a Whippet sedan was started from the local salesroom, with the gears locked in high. This car is being run 12 hours a day covering the city of Delphos and all of the neighboring towns.
At the same time that this gear test is being made, the local dealers are holding a daily series of tests, open to all local drivers, to determine who can drive this car the farthest on a quart of fuel.
This test opened on Tuesday and the record established that day was made by Herbert Mericle who drove 5 3/10 miles on one pint of fuel.
The high gear test is a new one for motor cars in this vicinity and is a good test of the flexibility of the car since ordinary driving in traffic requires the use of the entire range of gear changes.
The sealing of the gears on the Whippet is such as to prevent any possibility of gear change so long as the test is under way. The gears were sealed by Mayor Lea Sure who will break the seal at the end of the run.
Delphos Herald,
Sept. 22, 1926

Allen County officers raid home east of Delphos
A fine of $1,000 and costs was assessed against S.C. residing near Tourist Park east of Delphos, Wednesday morning as a result of a raid which was made at his home Tuesday night at about 11:30 o’clock.
Allen County Deputies Musser and Rise paid a visit to the C. home Tuesday night. A party was in progress there at the time the officers state, most of the participants being from Delphos. Included in the number were two of three women and one of them. C. was the only one placed under arrest.
Four or five cases of home brew, two twenty-gallon jars of home brew ready for bottling, and a gallon of wine were seized, according to officials.
C. was taken to Lima and was given a hearing there Wednesday on a charge of possessing illicit liquor. He pleaded to the charge and was assessed $1,000 and costs. (How much would this be in today’s rate? R.H.) The heavy fine, due to the fact that this was a second offense.
Further investigation will be made in the case, as it is alleged that minors have been frequenting the place. A number of complaints have been received and the raid was made as a result.
Delphos Herald,
Sept. 15, 1926

Lima Locomotive delivers engines
The Northern Ohio railroad now has one of its large new road engines now in service and will soon have a second one running on the line,
Engine No. 400 started for its first trip over the east end of the line, being used on through freight train No. 97.
Engine No. 401 was delivered to the road Thursday night
The two engines were built by Lima Locomotive works for the northern and are much larger and heavier than anything previously used on the line.
For the present, they will be used only between Akron and New London because this line has been improved with stone roadbed and heavy steel rails.
They have put in the crushed stone roadbed in this area, and within a year or two the improved roadbed will be extended the entire length of the road.
When this has been accomplished, the heavy engines will run into Delphos.
Two large new viaducts have been built at Medina and Akron to provide for the use of these heavy engines.
Delphos Herald, Sept. 8, 1926


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