August 21, 2014

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Monday, July 09, 2012 1:16 PM



With recent developments, I have been motivated to respond to some of the things that have been ongoing for some time.  It is only the recent events that has set me to voice my opinion.


On my list is a development from the recent storm that passed through this area. As I returned from work Friday afternoon in the midst of this horrific and unusual storm, I passed by one certain gas station, and as I passed, I glanced at the price of gas as I usually do, noticing it was quite close to the price of the stations in Lima. For a long time, I have noticed the prices here in Delphos have been running about 12-15 cents a gallon more than our neighbors to our east. When the prices here in town reach close to or the same as those in Lima, the very next day, along with other stations in the area, the price will jump 25-30 cents a gallon.


It is amazing to me that our prices can lag behind by the 12 to 15 cents/gal., for a period of time, but the increases come to our pumps simultaneously with everyone else in the area. I thought our stations would be more competitive than that.

“Gouge or not to gouge?”

This question was answered the Saturday after the storm. One particular station raised its gasoline from the approximate $3.06 a gallon to $3.19 a gallon only to capitalize on the miss-fortunes of the people of Delphos. An approximate $0.16 a gallon profit to their bottom line when other stations in town and around the area, which were operating, maintained the approximate $3.04 a gallon. The increase by this station was short lived by Saturday evening it was then back down to $3.03 a gallon.

“Gouge or not to gouge?”

So much for our stations being competitive! The week before the 4th, the gas prices shot back up to $3.39 (coincident or not) and because I waited until that Friday to finish this letter, we see yet another $0.20 on top of the previous $0.36 increase.

I repeat. “Gouge or not to gouge?”

I would like to end this letter to the editor on a good note. As I write this, I am sure some area homes are still without power in the wake of the storm but given the severity of this storm and the recovery that has taken place so far, I would like to recognize all the men and women who worked non-stop giving up their holidays and spending many long hours in this staggering heat to return our electricity — a part of our lives we all take for granted.

“A job well done!”


John Grothouse


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