August 21, 2014

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Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:23 AM

Dear Editor:
It is my hope that the “Night at the Museum” Gala Celebration will long be remembered by the almost 200 people that were in attendance. When we were planning this event we never believed we would see the amount of interest and support for our project. People from the Toledo area, Dayton, Columbus, and even Massilon, came to experience this one of a kind exhibition. Several spent the night at our local motel and then went shopping the next day. 
It was extremely difficult to reference everyone who has played a part in our reaching this day. Literally, there have been hundreds of people who provided assistance in as many different forms. Without their support, we would have never been able to open our doors.  
I believe we have finally produced a high quality series of displays and with the 70 percent of our collection in storage; we will be able to keep things fresh and interesting for decades to come. The food, the music, the liquid refreshments, the decorations, the artwork, were all wonderfully prepared and tastefully executed.  
Next year we will have a new theme and we will do it all again. 
My thanks to our sponsors, donors, contributors, volunteers and tour guides.  
Gary S. Levitt
museum director


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