August 28, 2014

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Monday, January 09, 2012 10:30 AM

Why is change so hard?
In so many ways, we thrive on it. We get bored without it. Our culture is ever-evolving. We always need the newest, latest gadget; what was popular yesterday is not today. Nothing stays the same for long — blink and you’ll miss it. Yet when it comes to changing ourselves, why is it so difficult?

I have recently made the decision to make some life changes to improve myself, which has already affected everyone around me. Once I made the decision — it’s been pretty smooth but why did it take so long to make? Every day, people walk around all over the place, filled with the knowledge that there are very important changes that they have to make — have to, as in, their lives depend upon it — yet they do nothing. Meanwhile, most folks are fine rolling with the punches of technology and keeping up with the Joneses. It’s the changes that have to do with ourselves that are the scariest of all. It’s much easier to push uncomfortable thoughts aside and focus on someone else than to turn the mirror around on ourselves.

Health issues plague millions of Americans. Maybe you’re someone who knows you need to lose weight. You know it and there’s no doubt in your mind that you’d like to. Yet, what’s stopping you from taking that first step? Maybe you’d like to quit smoking. This is something you know with every fiber of your being that you must do, so why aren’t you? You think you should quit drinking; maybe you’ve thought this several times. You somehow always push it to the back of your mind, doing nothing to make positive changes. Why?
The answer is simple. We are creatures of habit. Change can instill fear. By nature, we protect ourselves from fear, keeping us in the same place we’ve always been. We are also impatient and lazy. We want instant results and we don’t want to have to change our routine or get out of our comfort zone to get there. By “we,” in all of these scenarios, I am talking about me. These are all the reasons why I was so resistant to change. I didn’t want to have to actually exert any effort; I just wanted great changes to happen to me. That. Is. Never. Going. To. Happen. Never.

Starting is the hardest part; taking that first step. Not that it won’t be difficult at times after that but just taking that very first baby step is what counts. It reminds me of the quote by Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

It’s overwhelming to focus on the whole process, like losing 50 pounds, never smoking again or giving up alcohol forever. That’s why it’s OK to focus on one day at a time and one good, positive decision at a time. As scared as we might be of failing, it’s OK to realize that the people who matter in our lives will love and support us no matter what happens. Sometimes, we are so afraid of rejection that we remain inert and unhappy. We’re afraid of the unknown. Predictable = good. Maybe your change will cost you some friends and that’s scary. Guess what? They were never your friends anyway.

Nothing great has ever happened to anyone that didn’t require a lot of hard work and dedication. As comfortable as it might be to stay where you are, if you’re miserable in one area of your life, then you can’t deny it. Taking that first step to make it better makes all the difference. The life that could be waiting for you is greater than anything you could ever imagine right now. Changing yourself could make everyone around you happier, most importantly yourself.

I know how scared I was to take any action on my own life and how happy I am now that I did. If you’re reading this and feel that you could be happier, too, I urge you to throw the pack away, drop the bottle, begin an exercise program — whatever it takes to make the change you need to make. I promise you won’t regret it. Now, go. Your new life is waiting for you.


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