September 2, 2014

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Thursday, November 10, 2011 2:25 PM

Before it gets too late, I want to write to proclaim that yesterday Ohio voters defeated Issue 2 by a large margin.
That means Senate Bill 5, the current administrations attempt to  strip the collective bargaining rights of so many Ohio workers — including nurses, teachers, police and firefighters — has been repealed.
A decisive victory for middle class working families. But more importantly it shows what organization can accomplish — this is one victory that will resonate for years to come.
The work that was done earlier this fall (organizing, campaigning and financial contributions) resulted in protecting worker’s rights and, just as important, the right to vote early in Ohio.  
So, if you questioned whether an alliance of workers and progressives could prevail against the extreme attack on workers rights by the governor and his supporters — to those who said it couldn’t be done — the message sent was clear.
To the teachers, firefighters, police, nurses and other Ohio workers — well done.
One final word of warning. Remember that defending what you work and bargain for requires eternal vigilance. Corporations and big business will be waiting in the wings to fleece workers. You can bet the governor and his supporters will be back on the attack.  Having lost that frontal attack, they will certainly try again.
Clayton P. Osting


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