September 1, 2014

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Thursday, November 03, 2011 1:56 PM

Remember Kongsberg Automotive? 
That corporation is a vivid example for Van Wert County residents of the way corporate America has reduced the earning power of workers in order to increase boardroom profits. In like fashion, Governor Kasich touts Senate Bill 5 as a means for state and local governments to lower costs. Proponents of Senate Bill 5 know that they cannot displace jobs of local policemen, firefighters, nurses, teachers and county and city employees, so their plan is to severely restrict those workers’ rights to collective bargaining. The bill prevents public employees from negotiating any terms and conditions of their employment except wages. It denies public employees binding arbitration and makes it illegal for public workers to strike. 
It’s the Kongsberg, “take the reductions in benefits, or lose your job.”  
The governor’s battle cry emphasizes the savings available to local governments by legislating that public employees will pay a minimum of 15 percent of their medical insurance premiums.  Van Wert City employees currently pay 13 percent of their health insurance premiums; Van Wert County employees pay 12.5 percent, and the local school teachers’ payroll deductions for insurance premiums range from 10-20 percent. These facts reinforce the reality that the intent of Senate Bill 5 is to reduce the earning power of yet another segment of American workers.  John Kasich and his Lehman Brothers companions must be thwarted. 
Vote NO on Issue 2.   

Al Arnold
Van Wert


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