September 3, 2014

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Thursday, November 03, 2011 1:55 PM

Ohio is one of the 46 states on the verge of bankruptcy from irresponsible spending if we continue to travel the route we are going with public employee benefits (liability) and wages process and tactics.
Is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for all your benefits? No. The public employees should pay their fair share, like pay for the days they don’t work, like teachers (70-78 days = 28 percent), firefighters (100-121 days = 33 percent) and police officers (25 percent) or privatize like Sandy Springs, Ga., or Mayberry, Calif., where they saved in excess of $5 million the first year and still had safe and sound cities.
Drop the union like St. Henry School did. The public employees should put their feet in our shoes and see how they like it. That won’t happen, will it? If Issue 2 is repealed, expect taxes like in Chicago — raised 61 percent and minimal staff.
Where does it say you need to be unionized? It doesn’t. Unions just cost taxpayers 27 percent more.
This is not a safety issue like the union say it is. The unions will lie and use scare tactics to try and get their way.
Ohio citizens, this is common sense. We are going to be in the red if we spend irresponsibly.
If you don’t have the money, you don’t spend it. It’s like trying to get juice out of a dried up orange; it doesn’t work. That is not the way the unions think; they just keep spending.
This is a money issue and what is best for everyone.
A local firefighter said we don’t need a union — just do your job.
I know numerous teachers in a private school who probably could have had a public school job but they chose not to. They do it because they love their job, not their benefits or wage.
Maybe the public employees should do the same and maybe we wouldn’t have Issue 2.
On Nov. 8, get out and vote.
Vote yes on Issue 2.
Mike Will


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