August 22, 2014

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Monday, October 24, 2011 8:45 AM

Soon the snow will fly so enjoy the autumn season while it lasts.
Back in the 1940s, The Delphos Herald featured poems by Edgar A. Guest. He wrote his poems for the ordinary person, who didn’t have a degree in literature.

by Edgar Guest
Upon the hills the giant trees with color were ablaze,
Like smoke from smoldering embers rose the late October haze.
All silent and magnificent I fancied I could see
The Master Artist touching up some solitary tree,
But the glory of the landscape was a flash of crimson flame
At the bottom of the picture where the painter signs his name.
Now I cannot speak the language of the men who paint and draw,
And with technical precision can’t describe the scene I saw.
All I know is that a picture was unrolled for me to see,
And the high lights and the shadows seemed just what they ought to be,
But the gorgeous burst of color in the foreground caught my eye,
And I knew it made the landscape, though I couldn’t say just why.
It struck me as peculiar, where an earthly painter signs,
The Master Artist splashed His name in tangled shrubs and vines.
And as I stepped up closer I discovered and was glad
He had given that touch of splendor to the poorest stuff He had.
To the common things in summer which man scarcely sees at all
He had given the place of honor and the glory of the fall.

Most of us like the colors of fall. Some of the best roads to travel are along the rivers and streams. Road 22K in Putnam County is one of the most scenic during any season, especially during this time of the year. Just take Route 190 north, then cross Route 224 and you will find yourself on 22K. It will take you to the area of Cascade Park, near Cloverdale. The back roads between Kalida and Continental are very enjoyable.

Road 20 P is another scenic drive. Just take Route 190 to Road R and cross the Auglaize River where the old double span iron bridge once was. This was known as the Muggs Kohls Bridge. After crossing the river, turn left on Road 20 P. It will take you up and down a bit as it follows the river so you can enjoy the fall colors.

Then there is the old rail fence and the Ricker saw mill on Redd  Road (Road 21) east of Delphos and Fort Jennings.
If you have a day or a week-end, consider visiting Park County, Indiana, with its many covered bridges or the famous Brown County, Indiana with the State Park and the little town of Nashville.

One of the most beautiful places in Ohio is the Hocking Hills, which is just a three- or four-hour drive. Here you will find Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, Conkel’s Hollow and more.

One of my favorite places during any season, especially in autumn, is the Amish Country in Eastern Ohio. There’s much to visit in Holmes County and the surrounding counties. Here you will find and enjoy a much slower pace.

The fall season is also the time for soccer and football. Today should be a good day for the soccer tournaments and that’s just where I’ll be. The last of my grandchildren, Cassie, is on the Fort Jennings girls team. They will be playing at Ottoville at 5 p.m. Ottoville has such nice stadium. My thoughts turned back to how many years I have been going to the soccer games and loved every bit of it, even in the rain. Cassie will be the last of my long list of my grandkids on the soccer field but my great grandchildren are already into the sport.
We had so many good times when the SAY teams went to the state tournaments. Many faithful fans will remember the big tournament at the Wright Patterson Airfield. The wind and rain came on Saturday morning, taking down the porta-pots and some concession tents. Our teams took over the old Holidome on the southern edge of Dayton. I had five grandkids with me in my room so I just put on my housecoat and stayed in the room because I had to hang the wet clothes over the lamp shade to dry. The kids played hotel tag with a soft rubber ball — up and down the steps and up and down the elevator. The tournament resumed on Sunday.

There were week-ends when the weather was beautiful but there were some years they played in the snow. It dawned on my that I’ve been enjoying these games of soccer for nearly 30 years — at least since 1986

So whatever you do during the next few weeks; enjoy it but prepare for the snow and ice to follow.


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