September 2, 2014

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 9:29 AM

It has been made clear that information provisions of the Senate Bill 5 (Issue 2) stating public employees (firefighters, police officers, school teachers and other organized public employees) have bargaining rights concerning wages and some other issues of employment is in fact false.
The supporters of Issue 2 would have you believe there are certain bargaining rights public employees retain under Senate Bill 5. Not true.
The right to strike is prohibited under Senate Bill 5. Firefighters and police officers are currently prohibited from striking and this is how it should be due to public safety concerns.
However, in lieu of strike, when agreements on wages, benefits and/or other conditions of employment cannot be reached, these issues can be submitted to binding arbitration for resolution. The right to arbitration is removed under Senate Bill 5.
Collective bargaining now becomes a conversation between the employees and the employer with the employer having the absolute final say on all issues and leaving no recourse ope to the employees. This is not collective bargaining.
The right to collective bargaining by all workers is an inherent freedom currently guaranteed by the laws of the land. Let them take that right away and what is next for the all the workers in Ohio, union and non-union.
Do not be misled by misinformation. Vote no in Issue 2.

Charles Sampson Jr.
Retired UAW International,
staff representative and former
chairman of the local Allied
Labor Council


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