September 2, 2014

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Do you suffer from ‘phonesia?’ PDF Print
Monday, August 15, 2011 5:17 AM

I watched a news piece recently on a senator who was inviting his constituents to join him on “Tweeter.” I thought, boy was this guy behind the times. Even I know it is supposed to be “Twitter.” How uncool can you be?
Then I realized that was probably about the extent of my “coolness” in the slang or tech world. Anymore, when I watch TV or see a movie, I have to make a mental note of some of the slang and look it up on the internet later. The trick is never to admit you are clueless.
But now I have discovered many of these “non-words” are included as new words in the official Oxford dictionary. For instance: ‘Chillax’  — to tell somebody to chill and relax at the same time;  ‘micro-blogging,’ or ‘defriending’ are also “real” words now. Let’s be realistic here — when am I ever going to use “chillax” in a conversation? I can imagine the look my hubby would give me if I said “Honey, lets just go and chillax out on the patio swing?”
I think the dictionary has left us “more mature” folk out of the loop when it comes to creating new words. When have you ever wracked your brain for just the right word to describe something and just can’t come up with an appropriate word that fits? So I offer to you a few new suggestions for Oxford...for us, who I will now call the “Boomeration.”
•The time of night when you fight off a nap — nodaclock.
•Clothes you want to wear to look younger, but don’t want to look like a fool — croptopaphobia.
•Radio stations to listen to bring back memories of youth — O2BE stations ( Oh, to be young again...of course).
•Cruising the parking for a close spot when you are not quite ready for handicap parking — spot-a-spotics.
•The first time you feel a new ache or pain, but are sure it will go away — workitswayoutitis.
•The fear of learning too much about others personal info on facebook or twitter — leavemeoutation.
•The act of letting the phone ring twice before you answer it or holding out your cell phone to see whose calling — telecrastination .
•Act of having to move your head to see out of your bifocals — tiltavision.
•The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting who you were calling just as they answer — phonesia.
•Difficulty in opening a twist cap on milk — lactomangulation.

I am sure we all could come up with countless more or maybe you have already. Feel free to e-mail me with your submission at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I would love to compile a list for our “boomeration” and send it off to Mr. Oxford — that “wordapater”.


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