August 23, 2014

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011 9:40 AM

Here we go again. Another attempt by our local school board and administration to increase our taxes. This time by a special election. This is the only special election in this area that I am aware of.
This time, the taxes will cover all incomes, not just earned income, even though it has been lowered to .5 percent (for now). To you seniors and retirees, that means taxing social security, pensions, interest on savings and any investment incomes. This as the federal government is talking cuts in Social Security and Medicare.
Last election the school board was asking seniors and retirees to vote for the levy because it would not affect them. This time it will effect everyone. You would think that after the last tax levy was “soundly” defeated, the school board and administration would have gotten the message: “No new taxes.”
I don’t think they have any idea what to do; better to raise taxes than confront the issues. No one said it would be easy. Just do like every other business or industry and work within your budget. It takes much less effort to raise taxes than to face some difficult issues.
At present, the Delphos Public School system has five buildings to educate our students: Franklin Elementary, Jefferson Middle School, Landeck Elementary, Jefferson Senior High and the Superintendent’s office (across from the middle school building). Do we really need five school buildings? This seems to be an issue that none of the school board or administration want to “touch.” Consider the duplication of work, administration, teachers, maintenance, cafeteria staff, upkeep, utilities, etc. Which brings up another point. Do part time employees receive fringe benefits? What about some of the stipends that are paid to administrators and staff just to increase their salaries (e.g. Asbestos Monitor or Coordinator). I thought we had taken care of the asbestos problem and removal years ago (as part of one of several existing bond issues).
Granted there have been cuts in personnel but that’s another question. If the income tax passes will those persons be returned to the staff? If we are able to educate our students without them, did we need them in the first place? As I had stated in my last letter regarding this issue, most public institutions (including schools) are overstaffed and under-utilized. The list of questions could go on and on.
It is my opinion, and that of others that have approached me about this tax levy, that there is still much more to be done before taxes are increased.
One last thought. Why are we having a special election for this issue and what did it cost? I am figuring thousands of dollars (monies that according to the school administration financials we can’t afford to spend to begin with). Why not wait until the November general election. I think that they figured that the majority of voters would not take the time to vote on this one issue.
Be sure to vote on Tuesday, Aug. 2.
Greg Miller,

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-1 #2 2011-08-02 08:17
Because my daughter's 4th grade class of over 70 students only has 2 teachers...they are hoping to bring another one back to work. Don't people understand the more you reduce the public school system...the more likelyhood that the decent people living in Delphos will leave to go to another public school system? Is this what Delphos overpriced private school and a floundering public school? Pretty sure this is not attractive to industry...may be pretty attractive to trash looking buy homes in a nice communtity that is now affordable. Good gravy...
-4 #1 Sandra Etgen 2011-07-27 03:56
totally agree

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