August 21, 2014

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‘Prop Uncle’ to return home PDF Print
Monday, July 25, 2011 5:06 AM

There I sat again on Friday glued to the computer watching our niece, Lotus, dance.
My husband has been in Maryland all week performing “Prop Uncle” duties and cheering her on.
He really enjoys interacting with her, his sister and brother-in-law and all the dance company parents.
He has some opportunity for downtime and uses it to eat the most amazing French fries ever (his words) and to walk the boardwalk. He’s picked up a few souvenirs and taken in the ambiance of the boardwalk — live music and performers and just a ton of people. He said you have to practically walk sideways to get through the crowd.
He and Lotus found a few minutes to ride the “Sling Shot” a few days ago. They had looked at it last year and decided it was not for them. They decided to try it Wednesday.
Apparently it was more intimidating than he thought at first because as he stood in line, he said he started to get cold and his teeth started chattering. Then he realized he was feeling a bit apprehensive about the “Sling Shot.”
They strapped in and the ride started ... and so did his screaming. He probably won’t appreciate me sharing this so the next time you see him, mums the word. I know some things are just too good to resist but help me out here.
By his own admission he “screamed like a girl” and was politely asking to be let off the ride pretty much the whole time.
When he got off, he noticed a crowd gathered at some monitors off to the side. The ride attendants asked him if he was OK and if he had done any of the things he was telling everyone about while he was on the ride. They said it would definitely have been a first if he had.
That’s when he noticed everyone was watching a video of his adventure on the monitors. He was asked to sign a release form so the very amusing video could stream on the monitors the rest of the day. He politely declined and purchased the DVD.
Funny as that is, what happened next is even better. His sister invited the dance parents to their condo to watch it. Next year, they are taking up a collection for the ride ticket and drawing names to see who will brave the “Sling Shot” next. After he told me that, that’s when I started to get nervous. I’m hoping to join the gang next year and just my luck, my name will be pulled. I’ll be showing everyone what screaming like a little girl really sounds like. I’m deathly afraid of heights.
So my better half will be returning to Ringo and I on Sunday. We have missed him and will be glad when we have him back. We don’t mind sharing but it’s time to give him up.


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