September 2, 2014

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She got away with it, too PDF Print
Monday, July 11, 2011 5:40 AM

While most of the country stood watch this week, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of pretty much everything.
She was found guilty of lying to police officers. Whoopdedoo. A lot of people have lied to an officer. “I didn’t know I was going that fast.” “I didn’t see the stop sign.” “No, I didn’t put my seat belt on as you were walking up to my car.”
My husband and I (OK, really just my husband) have followed the case from the time little Caylee went missing more than 3 years ago. Nancy Grace is a staple on the TV in the bedroom, the one most watched by my hubby. I personally can’t stand her and would rather have two forks stuck in my eye than watch her. To me, her voice is like two cats fighting. She also seems a BIT biased at times. She fits right in on HLN News and Views. For me, I want the facts, not someone’s opinion. If I want someone’s view, I’ll ask for it. Otherwise, I want to make up my own mind.
I guess that’s how the jury felt, too.
The familiar mantra — it was like O.J. all over again. The police and prosecution knew something happened to Caylee, they knew Casey knew what it was and was more than likely involved, they just couldn’t prove it. They couldn’t prove anything. They had no DNA, they had no fingerprints, they had NO CAUSE OF DEATH. I would have been more surprised and concerned if the jury had went for the death penalty. After listening to the trial myself, I couldn’t have convicted her on what the prosecution presented.
Still, little Caylee paid the price. It will never be known how she died or why.
So on July 17, Casey will be free and able to go about her life — such that it will be.
Anti-Casey web sites, Twitter and Facebook pages fill the Internet. I can’t imagine it will be easy. I don’t want it to be. Even if she did nothing wrong, she still waited 31 days to report her daughter missing. 31 DAYS!!!! Who does that? What kind of mother does that?
Children die in accidents all the time. Harried parents forget their infant is in the back seat because they don’t normally take the child to daycare. Little ones wander off because they can’t be watched 24/7. Children get hurt, drown in swimming pools, get lost — it happens. But how often do you hear of the parent keeping it to themselves for 31 days?
They should have at least convicted her of a “what-the-heck” offense.
Overall, our justice system works. Defendants get their day in court, the prosecution has the burden of proof and a jury of their peers decides their fate. It’s not perfect. Some of the guilty go free and the innocent are sometimes convicted. But, in the long haul, it works.
When it doesn’t, people like Casey go free.
I’m going to keep watching to see what happens next. I want to know just how hard it will be for Casey to resume her “party” life. I think karma will give Casey a little justice down the line. She usually does, we just have to be patient.
I just won’t be watching it with Nancy Grace. Screeeeeech.


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