August 22, 2014

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Letter to the Edltor~ Wiltsie PDF Print
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 10:03 AM

I would like to thank the residents of Delphos who took part in the first “City Pride Day.” The purpose of the Pride Day was to inform and teach the Kiwanis K-kids about the importance of Community Service. The K-kids started with this idea after picking up over 6,000 cigarette butts while walking around Delphos.

The K-kids started with asking two organizations, Keep Allen County Beautiful and Keep Ohio Beautiful for trash bags. We only asked for 500 but they helped with 2,200! A local business donated the flyers that were designed by K-kid Danielle Harman. The KACB also supplied bottled water and our local radio station promoted this with a radio spot which featured four K-kids.
Jeff Price helped to organize students and teachers to pass out the bulk of the flyers on their last day of school. The area TV station came to film these students and ran it on the nightly news. The K-kids finished hanging flyers on Friday afternoon.
Saturday morning, nine Kiwanis gathered at the abandoned house on Elida Avenue at the request of a neighbor. We spent more than three hours mowing, raking and cleaning and filled four trailers of debris. The Kiwanis did not attempt to take the trailers to the city building because the line was too long and we needed the trailers back to load more yard waste.
I admire the residents of Delphos that put the effort into gathering up large items around their personal property and helping their neighbors and neighborhood. I apologize for the long wait at the city building. I talked to several residents that waited more than three hours on a hot day.
I was upset that the two workers that morning had such a burden and decided to phone Dan Mathias to thank these men and find out how we could better serve our residents. Mr. Matthias was never informed about the “City Pride Day.’ He drove by the Delphos Municipal City Building that morning and could not believe what was happening. No one from our city was present.
I do not live in the city and I assumed that there would have been city workers and/or officials there to expedite the long lines. There was a “City Pride Day” meeting that included a city official weeks before June 4.  
For every resident that waited in line on a hot morning, thank you!
Dianne Wiltsie,
Kiwanis K-kids advisor


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