September 2, 2014

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Monday, June 13, 2011 4:51 AM

My husband and I are throughly enjoying our little guy Ringo. We are so proud when the cage is clean (going on 7 weeks now!) and his food bowl is licked clean. He’s more often than not a member of the CPC - Clean Plate Club.
Today you all have the opportunity to become a member of a club, too. The Clean Canal Club. Today marks the annual canal cleanup before the Fourth of July celebration. Men, women and children alike will put on their work clothes, gloves and boots and pick up trash. I have seen some pretty odd things in the canal. In addition to the usual bicycles, pop bottles and plastic grocery bags, there have been toilet seats, high chairs, tires, trash cans, Christmas trees and the list goes on and on. I believe some appliances have also found their way in our waterway. Sad when you think about it.
The Miami and Erie Canal started as a way for Ohioans to move goods in and out of the state in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Many a man died while digging the trench we would one day fish out of and ice skate on, oblivious to the sacrifices made to better lives. Whether you love, hate it or have no feelings one way or the other, the canal is here and needs to be cared for.
I feel embarrassed when the Fourth of July rolls around and despite the effort of so many people who want the canal to be an asset, there is still trash along the waterline. Sometimes it is there the next day after a cleanup. Tsk, tsk.
When we were growing up along the canal, you were taught that nothing went in the water but a fishing pole, muskrat trap or frog gig. Trash belonged in a trash can, not in the waterway. That pretty much went for wherever else you were, too. (I mean the trash can thing, not the frog gig.) If we were all more conscientious, the canal could be an attractive bonus in Delphos. I know it takes work. The weeds along the sides are tenacious. But its worth it when you can look down one way or the other and notice the water or the ducks and not trash.
Anyway, if you’re not doing anything this morning after you finish this and that cup of coffee, throw on some clothes you don’t care about and head to Stadium Park to help make the canal and us look a little better.


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