August 28, 2014

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011 11:23 AM

With Memorial Day behind us and before I get wrapped up in this summers activities, I want to extend my thanks to those citizens that took time out of there holiday to share in the memorial tribute to the deceased veterans of Delphos.
Additional thanks is extended to Mayor Mike Gallmeier, the police and fire departments, the EMS, St. John’s High School Band, the Cub Scouts, Jefferson Junior High Band and the Jefferson High School Band. Without these organizations there would be no parade to honor our fallen heroes.
My appreciation also goes out to the “Men and Women of the Veteran’s Council, made up of members from the Veteran organizations in Delphos. These are the comrades who perform the Veterans’ services, year round, in all kinds of weather for fellow veterans, whose family has requested a veterans’ funeral service. These veteran members display the protocol necessary to honor all the Comrades who have gone before us.  Additionally I would like to recognize the VFW, their Color Guard and Ladies Auxiliary, the American Legion, and their Ladies Auxiliary. I would also like to thank those members of the Memorial Committee that put many hours in, planning for the dedication of the new addition; the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq memorial.
Other participants deserving a vote of gratitude include the individual presenters that placed flowers in remembrance of our veterans. Those individuals include American Legion Commander Keith Hall, Ladies Auxiliary Sharon Miller, VFW Auxiliary President Mary Grothause, and Military Order of Cooties (MOC) Representative, John Williams and Richard Schuck for honoring the POW/MIAs.
Thanks to The Trinity United Methodist Church,” the Rev. David Howell, his wife, Jim Wilcox and the others that pitched in and helped serve the luncheon after the Memorial service.
Additionally, I would like to thank Mike Birkmeier and the people who work for him for working with the Memorial Committee on our project for this year. We gave them a challenge and they came through for us again. Thanks Mike, and crew.
I almost forgot to say thanks to a very dedicated individual that has been active with the Vets Council much longer than anyone has ever imagined. Doug Harter Jr. has been playing taps for various council functions, along with taking part in veterans’ funeral services by playing taps since he has been 13 years old. I have been told that time equates to about 51 years of service to the Delphos Veterans of this community.
Finally on my list, is two people that made everything come together. A special thanks goes to Dave Roach, the Master of Ceremonies. Dave was the person that had to make sense of everything I sent him. A job well done! The final person to compliment for the successful ceremony with his thoughts was Greg Gebolys, our guest speaker. His review of the history of memorial day and his just do attitude were a great asset to the service.
Thank You,
John E. Grothouse     
president, Delphos Veterans Council


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