August 20, 2014

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Letter to the Editor ~Delphos “City Pride Day” PDF Print
Thursday, June 02, 2011 8:07 AM

How do we as a city start a clean-up?
How do we teach and educate our residents about littering?
How do we promote pride back into neighborhoods?
One way to do this — neighbors helping neighbors!
The Kiwanis K-kids are attaching together 2,200 trash bags on the flyers that were donated from Keep Allen County Beautiful and Keep Ohio Beautiful. A local business donated the flyers.
The “City Pride” Committee would like to get information out to residents that need help with getting larger items, such as furniture, old TV’s, piles of trash, which would include lumber, steel, old lawn mowers, bike cycles, furniture and appliances to the city building. The suggestion was to have these residents call the phone number of the city building 419-695-4010 and leave their name, address and phone number. If we get a list, then we can get the assistance of our service clubs in town to help load trash into trucks to take to the dumpsters. Howard Violet has offered the use of his equipment. The dumpsters are available for the city use on the first Saturday of every month, and will continue to be available as long as we keep them filled, so it is important to get as much trash as possible hauled away from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday.
If you see a lawn that needs mowed, call 419-6954010 and let someone know.
We are aware that there are some residents that don’t have access to a pick-up and these are things that the normal trash pick-up won’t take.
We have residents that can’t handle heavy items so please call the city building at 419-695-4010 for assistance.
We are trying to spread the word about the “free” dumpsters on the first Saturday of every month.
Service clubs will help residents with items that are too big and heavy to haul away. Call the city building at 419-695-4010 and leave your name, phone number and address.
If you know a neighbor that just needs a little help please be of assistance to them by filling up a trash bag.
This is the challenge — What can you do as a resident of Delphos?
What if every resident in Delphos took a few hours on Saturday and filled a bag? If your neighborhood is clean how about finding a public place to help out with? This could be a shopping area, an abandoned home or business, walkway or roadway coming into Delphos. The Kiwanis K-kids have adopted the post office and Main Street. They have picked up over 6,000 cigarettes butts in that area.
Check out the “Delphos City Pride Day” on Facebook.
Thank you,
Dianne Wiltsie
Kiwanis k-kids Advisor



0 #1 2011-06-05 06:30
LOVE the 1st sat. dumpster events! However, ACR need someone capable to assist in organizing this event! I waited for a total of OVER 1 hour 6/4/2011. 30-40 mins. of that was @ a standstill along Canal St. Oh boy, did we fill those dumpsters...and WAITED & WAITED for replacements! Do they check for verification of residency ALL the time or just when they're catching heck for the senseless wait? What a dangerous situation I witnessed on Canal St. as youngsters on bikes headed to the park for their baseball tourney, with blocks of vehicles, full of junk blocking a clear view @ intersections. I am truely amazed I didn't see a car wreck or worse a car/bicycle accident! I would be glad to discuss better/different options for this situation! I try not to complain about something without offering a solution. Try to be part of the solution not of the problem, my mother always said!

Elaine Kemper-Moyer

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