August 22, 2014

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Monday, May 02, 2011 9:28 AM



It is silly to choose a candidate because a Democratic governor appointed one as a political move on his way out of office.

Shouldn’t Van Wert County choose a municipal court judge by assessing each candidate’s own merits?

I have worked for Mr. Wolfrum for two years and have known him since high school. I have never once seen him lose his temper or treat anyone less than fairly because of their station in life. We have a vast variety of people in the office daily, from estate planning clients to public defense clients. Each one is treated with the same dignity and respect. I have never seen him overcharge. It has always been obvious that he cares about the outcome of each case, whether it’s that a criminal understands the necessity of consequences or a widow be comforted that finances are in order.

It’s true that he is a very private person who’s independent of prejudices or nepotism and, therefore, would be the fairest, most non-biased person for the position. The court has suffered in Van Wert County and we have an opportunity here to choose our own judge, not to have one chosen for us. I strongly encourage voters to elect Todd Wolfrum as Van Wert Municipal Court Judge.

Thank you,

Amy Adams,

Van Wert


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