September 1, 2014

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:35 AM


And we wonder why

A local supplier with the ability to supply the Canal Days with portable restrooms was not considered by the Canal Days Committee or the City of Delphos or the Chamber of Commerce but an out-of-town supplier was.
I am a taxpayer to the City of Delphos and therefore I have the right to explain to the public how their tax dollars are being spent.
The City of Delphos pays for this service along with the cleanup after the venue is over.
The local supplier is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and should have had a chance to at least quote the service. There may have been a considerable savings in the cost of the local supplier given a chance to quote the service.
The local supplier was going to and would have made a considerable donation to the local cancer drive by being able to supply the service to the community.
This issue was addressed by the city council without much debate and voted on along with several other issues packed in to one issue and rammed through to not show up as an individual vote concerning the portable restroom contract for the out-of-town supplier.
This is what different out-of-town businesses looking to relocate look for in a community — the ability to work together and support the local businesses.
And maybe this is one reason why so many people spend their money in Lima and Van Wert.
A city tax payer,
Edward A. Klaus


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