September 2, 2014

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Monday, April 25, 2011 9:37 AM



The primary election is quickly approaching and sadly we have no contested races in the City of Delphos for our governing body, we do have one contested race that can dramatically affect our well being.

The contested race for Judge of the Van Wert Municipal Court, which has jurisdiction over the City of Delphos is up for grabs.

Judge Jill Leatherman was appointed to fill the position after the previous judge was suspended and then retired.

I have personally worked with her, and have seen a total turn around in the system since she was appointed to the position. The atmosphere of the legal community has totally change since her appointment.

Judge Leatherman has brought to the court the dignity and professionalism that was sorely needed.

Judge Leatherman has the qualifications to carry on the duties, expand the operations as she has already displayed, and will make us all proud to have a court that serves us professionally.

You don’t fix something that isn’t broke, the court is now working well, we don’t need a fix. Vote for Judge Jill Leatherman, let her continue the good job she is doing; let us keep the community moving forward.

Execute your Constitutional right and vote May 3, vote for Jill Leatherman, Judge of Van Wert Municipal Court.


Dennis M. Kimmet



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