September 2, 2014

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Life ain’t so bad PDF Print
Monday, March 28, 2011 7:23 AM

There doesn’t seem to be a lot to be cheerful about lately.
The economy is in the tank, unemployment is at an all-time high, people continue to lose their jobs, their homes, their pride and their self-respect.
The rest of the world is not better off. Japan has lost more than 10,000 and thousands more are missing and presumed dead. Nuclear plants are at critical levels, they have little food, water and options.
We have to look harder and harder to find something positive to talk about.
Well, quit it. Stop moping around and find comfort in what you do have.
If you still have a job — be thankful. Lots of other people don’t.
If you still have your home — be thankful. Lots of other people don’t.
If you sat down to dinner at the table last night and left with a full belly — be thankful. More people than you can imagine didn’t.
If you got up and out of bed today — be thankful. Many people didn’t or can’t.
If you got to hug your kid(s), spouse and/or other family-type people today — be thankful. Many people didn’t get that opportunity because they are away, estranged or have lost them.
If you showered and put on clean clothes — be thankful. Many don’t have access to such basic amenities.
If you woke up and were not shivering from the cold — be thankful. Some can’t afford to be warm.
If you had the honor of listening to advice from your parent(s) today — be thankful. Some will never hear their parents’ voices again.
There are oodles of things we have to be thankful for if we take the time to find them.
I am thankful for all the above and more.
As you read this, I’m probably snoozing because I worked last night. I’m in a warm bed with clean sheets and I will awaken and frantically throw on clothes and take Little Ringo out because I have this fear that as soon as the paws hit the floor, it’s on. I have nothing scientific to base this on — it’s just a feeling.
Then I’ll wander into the kitchen, stir up a glass of chocolate milk and sit down at the computer and play the game that has been plaguing me like crack to an addict — Hearts.
Life may not be wonderful, the best or beyond expectations right now but it’s not so bad. Not when you think of all the alternatives.


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