September 1, 2014

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Friday, March 18, 2011 10:53 AM

First of all I would like to commend Dave Hoffman and Jamie Lewis and the Delphos Jefferson Wildcats for a great basketball season. They played their hearts out and played a great game and they have nothing to hang their heads about. They beat the best of the BEST teams in this region.
I would also like to thank Jim Metcalfe for some good items in the paper. He did his job well. Too bad we can’t say that about the radio station.
This is a different situation for about all the announcers (which isn’t unusual) of Delphos in football or basketball. The other young man was pretty good and I expected his partner would make a good announcer, being a coach and all, but after listening, it sounded like he was giving a memorial at a funeral service.
After we got our trophy at District, we got NO “good sportsmanship” from the other side, not even a peep. I guess that’s considered “good practice” by a Christian school. That’s what we call “arrogant winners” and “bad losers.”
Bob Arnzen, the ambassador of good sportsmanship, would be ashamed of such actions.
We watched the replay on a local TV channel. Andy Lynch and his partner made it sound like an all together different game. There was excitement in their voices and their calls which made it very interesting. We saw some and heard some very important calls and physical contact which wasn’t even mentioned on the radio. I did hear how nice the coaches and trainers from Harvest Prep where dressed. Very classy in their black outfits and suits (and what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China).
Our first trip to state and we have to listen to a crappy radio program. Some of us older people can’t make the long trip physically and depend on the radio for energetic game calling, especially from our area. Well it didn’t happen as usual.
If Rick Miller was in the house, as they said, he should have come and saved the radio station’s reputation because he is a little better when he comes to Jefferson ball games.
Sharon Feathers,


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