September 1, 2014

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Friday, February 18, 2011 9:59 AM

It’s the cats, not the dogs.
I just read the article about barking dogs in Fort Jennings. I would like to give the police chief some suggestions:
1. Tell the council to pass an ordinance that all cats would have to have permits and be confined to the owner’s property.
2. Make it a law that all dog owners would have to have their females spayed and males neutered. The scent a female dog puts out can be smelled for miles by a male dog. If the male dog is not neutered, he would do anything to find this female.
3. Most dogs will bark at other dogs and strangers. That is their job.
4. Urge the newspapers to stop running free ads for those cute, adorable, beautiful cats and kittens. If they don’t want them, have them spayed or taken to the pound.
I get sick and tired of having cats on my property, walking on my cars and causing my dog to bark, which is in my house at all times except for potty calls.
There are so many cats loose now that I will start setting my live traps again and all I catch go to the pound.
If you want your cats, then keep them on your property at all times - day and night.
Oh,  by  the  way,  to  the  Fort  Jennings  police  chief - How  many  of  those  people  making  complaints  against  the dogs  have  cats?  Take  those  complaints  to  the  cat  owners and  then make sure all female dog owners have them spayed.

Paul H. Feathers Sr.

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