August 23, 2014

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Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:17 AM

And when shall we be stronger? It was Patrick Henry who asked this question in reference to the encroachment of British rule over the colonies (i.e.) later to become the States under the Constitution. Mr. Henry went on to give some of the reasons or things that needed to be fixed if we were to be truly free. Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, said that whenever any government becomes destructive and/or abusive concerning rights of the individual that it was the right and the duty of “we the people” to rise up and throw off such government and to establish new government.
To these pleas I will add another; if we wish to be truly free then one of the most critical areas we must address is the arena of debt-free money system. The Constitution specifically places the responsibility to create money, in Art.1 Sec.8 to the Congress. The Congress allowed themselves to be duped into “giving” that responsibility to a bunch of bankers. There are a growing number of Congressmen who are realizing where the biggest problem lies. Some of the more recognizable among them are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich of Texas and Ohio respectively.
I feel it is my sovereign duty as a free citizen to step up and add my voice to the growing worldwide disenchantment to the money monopoly that controls the world.
Representative Dennis Kucinich has introduced a bill into Congress H.R. 6550 designed to do just that - end the money monopoly. The definition of money is a short and concise one (i.e) “a medium of exchange” and as such should not have to be borrowed into existence with interest added on top.
Mr. Kucinich’s bill would eventually abolish the Federal Reserve (read that private reserve). It would establish a Board of Commissioners answerable directly to the Congress for regulating and issuing money into our economy so as not to cause inflation or deflation.
James O’Neil,
Middle Point

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