August 27, 2014

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Friday, January 21, 2011 1:48 PM

Did you know?
Last year our local Relay For Life helped provide lodging to 25 cancer patients and their families from our own tri-county area.  These families were able to stay at no cost thanks to Relay For Life. Fourteen families were able to stay at Hope Lodges in Ohio that are fully funded through Relay dollars.  Eleven families received lodging assistance in other cities.
Last year, in our tri-county area (Allen, Van Wert and Putnam) 236 cancer patients connected with our patient navigator. She helped them receive needed services that were unique to each individual’s needs. Our patient navigator can help patients with medications, clinical trials, support services, transportation, and more. We are able to have a patient navigator in our area because of the great success of Relay For Life.
Support programs in our tri-county area were used last year by 385 cancer patients and their families. Thanks to Relay For Life, Allen, Van Wert and Putnam county cancer patients are receiving great care and looking forward to a better tomorrow.
Privacy policies prohibit me from identifying specific patients and treatments, but rest assured, our cancer patients are involved in all aspects of care and support.  Some have asked me to forward their gratitude.  
The Relay For Life of Delphos played a huge part in these programs. Our Relay donations do, indeed, help our own people.  On behalf of all cancer patients and their families,  thank you for doing what you do.  
If you have not been a part of Relay For Life, please think about joining us. We have a team meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on Pierce St. Come and ask questions. We would love to see you. Come out and learn a little more about what we do. Everyone is welcome.
Sandy Suever
2011 Relay For Life
Team Development Chair

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