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Monday, January 17, 2011 5:10 AM

The Lima-Defiance railroad company has again ceased operating and several Lima patrons of the line are finding some difficulty in securing service as a result.
This line has had difficulties for many years past. It was discontinued at one time and later revived. For sometime, it has been operating one steam engine. It failed some years ago as a traction line.
The Lima State hospital has been dependent upon this road for delivery of supplies and is now seeking other switching service.
Delphos Herald,
July 1, 1927

Suffers No Ill
A near drowning was averted at the Auglaize River Sunday, while a party of Delphos youths were swimming in the river a short distance north of the Lincoln Highway bridge.
Leroy Etgen started to pilot  Eugene  Lause,  12, son  of  Mr.  and  Mrs. Clem Lause,  of this city, across the  deep  part  of  the  stream. Etgen found his task beyond his powers and Lause sank.
Edward Scherger, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scherger, South Pierce street, went to the rescue but was also dragged down. Basil Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Young, Clay and Cleveland streets, went to the aid of Scherger and the two succeeded in taking Lause to shore.
Although he sank four times, Lause was not rendered unconscious and has since suffered no ill effects. He was badly frightened, however, as a result of his narrow escape from drowning.
Delphos Herald,
July 2, 1927

To Be Started
Announcement has been made by Frank Best, local manager of the Lima Telephone and Telegraph Company of the starting of an addition to the completed central office building located at the corner of Third and Canal streets. Mr. Best explained that the addition will be constructed on the south side of the present building and will match the old building in design and architecture.
According to the present plans, the entrance on Third street will be closed and a new entrance will be put on the Canal street side.
A dial service will require the installation of new equipment in the subscribers premises and when completed it will afford the subscribers the very latest in modern telephone service.
Mr.  Best  says  that  the contract for the addition to the  building  has been awarded to the Green and Sawyer construction company of Lima. The estimated cost of the addition is $30,000.
Delphos Herald,
Sept. 18, 1947

Gramm Busses
The Gramm busses being used on the Yelloway lines are certainly making good, according to E.E. Cross, representative of the company, who came to Delphos with a Gramm bus which has been in use on the Yelloway for some months.
The company brought the bus here for a complete inspection rather than take it to some garage. All that was found necessary to be done to the motor was a check of the bearings and installing new rings.
Mr. Cross states that he has driven this bus more than 72,000 miles and is very enthusiastic concerning its performance.
Speaking of the chassis, he said, “It is the most wonderful  chassis  ever  put  on the market.” He has driven many makes of busses and served as demonstrator for a bus factory. He says, however, that he likes the Gramm better than any other. He spoke highly of it with respect to operation, upkeep, economical running, etc.
Delphos Herald,
July 2, 1927

Cedar Point
Mecca for K. of C.’s
Cedar Point was the mecca today for hundreds of Knights of Columbus members coming from all sections of Ohio for the grand ball of the order; the climax of the week’s outing.
“The outing this year is only a beginning,” State Secretary Gorman declared. “We had little time to prepare and complete programs as this was the first outing since 1917, we naturally are working under handicaps. However, from the response we have had this year, we feel certain that next year’s outing will surpass any the Knights of Columbus have ever had.”
Delphos Herald,
July 1, 1927

Nail in Homes
of Prehistoric Man
When you drive a nail into your wall to hang a picture, do you ever pause to think that you are using something with a history almost as old as humanity itself?
A nail over two and a half pounds in weight, and thick in proportion, was found in ruins of Troy. And similar enormous nails have been recovered from the remains of lake dwellings and other places where prehistoric man made his home.
All nails were originally made at home. Then, when the smith became a specialist craftsman, he made the nails of the community, until a special nailsmith started in business. In the fifteenth century there was a guild of nailsmiths in Augsburg.
The first nail-making machine was invented in Britain at the end of the Eighteenth century, and a little later the first nail factories were at work in Birmingham.
Delphos Herald,
July 6, 1927

Trade Fair,
Centuries Old
Leipzig, Germany — An army of more than 1,500 merchants from all parts of the United States invaded Germany this spring to attend the Leipzig Trade fair. To visit this world exposition is to look into the future for almost a year, and see the goods of every kind which will fill the shops, next Christmas. Germany is reputed to be the home of Santa Claus. Every variety of industrial product was displayed.
World expositions come and go, but the Leipzig fair goes on, apparently, forever. It  has  been  held  every  year without a break for several centuries now. In its early days traders journeyed to Leipzig by primitive caravans, protected from highwaymen by guards in medieval armor. Today, from 41 countries scattered throughout the world, about 200,000 visitors travel to Leipzig, among whom the buyers from the United States play an important part.
Delphos Herald,
July 8, 1927

Robbed of $1500
Cash and Jewelry
A robbery in which cash and jewelry to the value of approximately $1500 were taken, took place in Delphos at an early hour Friday morning.
Shortly after midnight, three men appeared at the Charles Danner home, South Canal street, and stated they were federal prohibition officers who entered to make a search.
As soon as they were in the house, they were found to be masked. They drew pistols and proceeded to search for valuables, first cutting the telephone wires to prevent an alarm.
They took $85 in cash, diamond earrings and other jewelry.
Two of the men are said to have been large and the other small. The police were called after they left but no clue to the identity could be obtained.
Five men were seen after the robbery in a Dodge and are thought to have been the robbers. They could not be located.
Delphos Herald,
July 8, 1927

Machine will
Animal’s Horsepower
Is a horse’s power a horsepower?
Ohio farmers interested in the answer to this question may find it at the county fair this fall. A machine known as a dynamometer has been purchased by the animal husbandry department at the Ohio State University to measure horses’ pulling power. Several county fairs are scheduled to use it for pulling contests.
The dynamometer will first be used in Ohio in Clark County at the annual farmers picnic in Springfield.
Sixteen states have made use of the dynamometer since its invention in 1923 at Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. Already it has proved that a horse’s power may be more than a horsepower.
The maximum so far developed, according to the Horse Association of America is 29 horsepower, developed by the team which now holds the world’s championship in pulling, “Cap” and “King” brothers, half Belgian and half Percheron, owned by Clarence Bugh, Cherokee, Iowa. These horses, weighing 3700 pounds, pulled 3475 pounds a distance of 27 1/2 feet, which was equivalent to starting 15 or 20 times, a load of 45,120 pounds on granite block pavement.
Delphos Herald,
July 9, 1927

It was a
Glorious Victory
And so thought the Delphos portion of the large assemblage of fans who attended the game between Delphos and Van Wert, Ohio-Indiana league teams,  in which the two aggregations staged a fierce battle for leadership of the league.
The final score was 3 to 1, Delphos leading.
Miller was pitching for Delphos and held his own nicely. Davis, on the mound for Van Wert, was equally effective. Each pitcher allowed six hits.
Errors in judgement prevented  the Delphos team from scoring on at least two occasions and things began to look bad for them when they went scoreless into the eighth inning, while the visitors had one run to their credit. The eighth however, proved the Delphos inning, two hits, coupled with two errors, giving them three runs.
Delphos Herald,
July 11, 1927

Mules Kick
to Pieces
Yonkers, N.Y. — Two mules belonging to Joseph Stern, were hit by an automobile and though they escaped injury they became incensed and started to kick. Before the car could be pulled out of range, they had kicked the hood off, smashed both headlights, battered a tire to pieces and knocked one side out of the tonneau.
Delphos Herald,
March 6, 1911

Throws Child
Into Snow
Port Huran, Mich. — When a horse driven by James Slingerland started to run away, Mrs. Slingerland, with great presence of mind, threw her infant boy into a snow bank, probably saving  his  life.  The  vehicle was upset, the cutter box smashed and other damage done, but the couple were unhurt.
Delphos Herald,
March 6, 1911

Announcing Marriage
of Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Cochran of east of Delphos received a telegram Friday telling of the marriage of their daughter, Miss Charlotte Cochran to Gen. Pisano.
Particulars concerning the ceremony were not learned here.
Miss Cochran is an accomplished singer and is well-known in Delphos and vicinity. She has been playing  for  several  years in Gen. Pisano’s act in the Keith & Alby Circuit. Mr. Pisano is an accomplished marksman.
She has a large circle of friends in this city to wish her happiness.
Delphos Herald,
July 2, 1927

Groceries belonging to Delphos Service Grocery Stores:
Altenburger Grocery, 1133 N. Main; Bodkins, A.J., 602 E. Fifth; Brokamp, A.J., 229 S. Pierce; Connolly’s Grocery, Suthoff; The Fair Store, 723 W. Clime; Foley’s Grocery, N. Washington;  German Thomas, 535 W. First; Ideal Market, 203 W. Second; Lindeman, M.B., 402 E. Second; Metzner, J.A., 157 W. Cleveland; Meyers, J.C., 303 E. Suthoff; Moorman, Albert, 102 N. Main; Patterson, R.R., 516 W. Fifth; Ralston, Barney, 416 W. Clime; West Side Grocery, Schmit, Patton & Alexander, 201 N. Canal.
Delphos Herald,
July 1, 1927

City Well
With Tourist Camps
Tourists are coming to know Delphos as a  place which is well provided with tourist camps, a place worth visiting when on a motor tour.
Waterworks park is an ideal camping place for tourists. The park is beautiful with its fine large trees. It is provided with the best of water, an item which every camper values highly. The pool, playground equipment and many other features, commend it to people who are seeking a place to stop for one night or for a rest of several days.
Supplies may be purchased at or in the immediate vicinity of the park, or a very short run will take the motorist to the heart of the business district.
In addition to Waterworks park, there is Peltier park on the Harding highway, on the east bank of the Auglaize. It is a natural park site and has been made into an excellent tourist camp. Its location along the river makes it a favorite place to stop overnight.
Delphos Herald,
July 13, 1927

Old School Bell
Will Ring Again
The old school bell which for many years past has called reluctant youth to its studies will continue on the job and be in readiness to take up its usual duties again next fall.
A timely inspection found that the elements had weakened the supports and that the bell was in danger of being dropped to the roof of the Jefferson school.
New timbers have been added, however, and its call will sound again in September, bringing fond memories to many of the older members of the Delphos community even though its tones may not receive unqualified welcome from the kiddies.
Delphos Herald,
July 19, 1927


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