August 23, 2014

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011 10:22 AM

I wanted to write this to express my gratitude to a stranger who was kind enough to help another.
I was grocery shopping with my daughter on Sunday and after we had checked out, I was informed by the cashier that my debit card had expired. I did not have another form of payment on me so I asked her if I could leave my groceries so I could run out to my car and get my checkbook. Making sure that I would not hold up the others in line so I could do that, I ran to my car to retrieve it.
Upon arrival back to the register with my checkbook in hand, I was informed by the cashier that the gentleman that was behind me in line had paid for my groceries. Caught completely off guard, I asked her, “Are you serious?” She replied “He said to tell you Merry Christmas.”
I almost broke down and cried right then and there in the store. Last year had been a rough year for me and by that gentleman helping me in that way was more than what I could of asked for to lift my spirits and let me know that things are going to be OK.
So to “One of God’s angels,” I want to say THANK YOU. It was greatly appreciated and I wanted to thank you properly. I will remember to pay it forward and help another person who just may need their spirits lifted, too.
Sarah Burnheimer

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