August 27, 2014

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Merry Christmas to all! PDF Print
Friday, December 24, 2010 7:43 AM

Merry Christmas!
I hope the holiday is everything you want it to be.
Christmas brings up memories. We all have them — the year we got just what we wanted and perhaps the one we didn’t.
My friend Chris always wanted a cotton candy machine. She asked every year and never got one. Lo and behold, this year her wish came true. The Monday after her column ran, we all arrived at The Herald and there was a large package on her desk with a note that said, “Some things are worth waiting for, Santa.”
We keep asking her if she has used it yet. Apparently she is saving it for a “Christmas Eve Cotton Candy Extravaganza!” Her words, not mine.
Here is a little something she asked me to pass along:
Dear Santa,
You have made my childhood dream come true. I am so glad you picked up last Saturday’s Delphos Herald and read my little article about my long-suffering need for a cotton candy machine. When I came to work Monday morning, there was a brightly wrapped gift on my desk from you. My cotton candy machine had finally arrived! You have made my holidays even brighter and have made this a very special Christmas. I promise to share and spread the word that YES! THERE IS A SANTA!
(Santa, did I mention that I always wanted a pony, too, and never received one of those either.)
Your friend for life,
Chris Looser

I don’t remember ever being really disappointed at Christmas. The only time I didn’t have a good Christmas was my own fault. I was about 10 or so and I found the Christmas stash. I saw all my presents so there were no surprises on Christmas morn. I NEVER did that again.
As a parent, there are a few Christmases that stand out. For example: one year I insisted I could put his new tricycle together. I didn’t need my father’s help. I was a big girl now. Well, somehow the front wheel got on backward. How did that happen? Anyway, dad came to the rescue; we tore it apart, assembled it correctly and it took its rightful place of honor in front of the tree so it was the first thing he saw when he came into the living room.
I have to say, the best Christmas moments are the ones where I got to enjoy the pleasure of others receiving gifts. My husband and I played Santa to two adorable little boys Wednesday evening. It was a blast watching their faces as they opened their presents. 
I hope you all enjoyed the letters to Santa last week. My favorite was the one where the little boy didn’t even try to pretend he was something he was not. He said, “I have been bad.” That is awesome. What you see is what you get. I hope he stays that way.
This letter arrived on Wednesday at The Delphos Herald. We forwarded it on to the big guy, so don’t worry.
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I really want Transformers. I would be so happy.
Thank you.
Here are a few Santa letters that didn’t make it in:
Dear Santa,
My name is Linda and I have been basically a good gal this year. (There were a couple incidents that we won’t mention...but it was all for fun!)
After much thought I would like to ask for a Wii for Christmas. I would especially like the Just Dance game. I figured it would loosen up my arthritic knee, help me get some good exercise for my high blood pressure and maybe learn some yoga, if my body would still bend into the “Lotus position.” Most of all, my grandchildren would LOVE to play when they come to visit and I would be a really “cool” grandma!
Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
I’ve slowly been trying to venture into the world of high-tech.
My first venture was a cell phone. Does owning a phone that one can do nothing but talk on count as high-tech? I can’t text, download anything or go online but I can walk around the mall and look cool talking to someone.
Now I think I would like a digital camera. Just about everyone has one. And maybe by next Christmas I’ll have that mastered. So that is No. 1 on my wish list.
Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
Since you’re able to somehow visit every home in the world in one overnight period, you must have some magic we mortals don’t. Could you work your magic on some big issues instead of reinforcing our materialism? I’m thinking if you just make us all nice, that will solve things like crime, exploitation of the poor and war. Oh, and how about righteous government? That, too.
There isn’t anything I really need, so work your magic on the national debt and federal deficit. Maybe that will help put something tangible behind our currency so it’s more than imaginary. Then, maybe we can get people back to work and even end homelessness. That’s what I want for Christmas.

Dear Santa,
Everyone tells me you’re not real but I know better. I see you in the smiles on children’s faces; I see you in kind deeds and words; I see you in selfless acts.
I know the secret. You aren’t a person who can stand in front of me or join me for a cup of coffee. You live inside our hearts.
All I want for Christmas is you to keep doing what you’re doing. You make us better people.


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