August 28, 2014

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Taking a risk, dressing it twice PDF Print
Monday, November 29, 2010 5:49 AM

The Thanksgiving turkey has been devoured along with all the trimmings.
I was reflecting on how much work goes into such an endeavor and then in a few short minutes, sometimes literally, it’s all over.
I tried something new this year. I made dressing. To most this will not seem like such a big feat. To someone who has never made it before and wants it to be perfect, it can be a stressor.
I got the recipe for Crockpot Dressing from a former co-worker. She would bring it to our holiday carry-ins and we would just rave about it. We even invited her back to a few gatherings after she retired so we could still have her dressing. Selfish little devils, aren’t we?
I knew my bird wasn’t going to be done in time to add the drippings for flavor so someone suggested I boil the turkey neck with the onions and celery for flavoring instead of just adding chicken broth. It seemed like a good idea because I just toss the neck in the freezer until garbage day anyway.
Now let’s get to the onion. I DETEST onions. I can’t stand them. I love the flavor they give things and I liberally sprinkle onion powder on many things but I just can’t stand the crunch or slimy texture of an onion. I know, tell us how you really feel.
So there sat this onion in my house for several days. Then I actually had to touch it and chop it up. Yucko! And the tears just streamed down my face; another reason to hate the onion. Mean little suckers. The celery went much smoother.
I boiled the neck and veggies for a while

and threw the other ingredients together and then poured the neck broth, onions and celery over everything and tossed it in the crock pot. Like a mother hen, I checked it often and added liquid as needed. My husband, who also checked it often, at one point told me to make sure I tell everyone it was my first attempt. Harrumph! What did that mean? He hadn’t even tasted it yet.
When my sister-in-law arrived, I made her do the first taste test. Mmmm. She said it was delicious.
Then she proceeded to taste it again — and again.
Everyone else thought the same so the Crockpot Dressing will remain on the menu for years to come.
Yes, it’s OK to try new things; but only if they turn out this well. Who wants to fail at something like that when you’re going to have so many critics? And then your failure remains the topic of conversation every year after that for an eternity. “Remember when Nancy ....?”

Harrumph! They’ll just have to find something else to talk about.


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