September 2, 2014

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Elida to see road resurfacing; council passes golf cart measure PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, July 08, 2014 8:13 PM


DHI Media Correspondent

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ELIDA — Elida Village Council passed legislation on emergency Tuesday to enter into a contract with Bluffton Paving, Inc., for the county and township roads resurfacing project in the amount of $41,263.

The emergency existed to authorize and direct the Allen County commissioners to accept the proposal and also enter into a contract with Bluffton Paving with their bid of $239,402.74. This resurfacing project also includes projects for townships and other villages.

Other legislation passed with a 5-0 vote on emergency was an ordinance governing the use and operation of golf carts within the village of Elida. One of the key components of this ordinance is the inspection of golf carts. The inspection must be pre-arranged with the police chief or his designee. The owner of any golf cart is required to pay an inspection fee of $20, which will be deposited into the General Fund. If the golf cart passes inspection, a certificate of compliance will be issued to the owner entitling the owner to register, apply for a title and purchase license plates for the vehicle. The owner must also show the police chief or his designee a valid Ohio operator’s license and proof of financial responsibility for the golf cart.

Tree Commission member Claude Paxton reported the group met on June 30 with Ohio Department of Natural Resources Forester Stephanie Miller in attendance for a second time.

“After some discussion on various aspects, Stephanie helped us conduct a tour of Main Street in hopes of putting a tree-planting plan in place,” Paxton said.

The plan does not determine whether property owners or the village is responsible for planting the trees. The purpose is to regulate what trees may be planted and where they may be planted. Main Street was chosen because of the projects on that street which necessitated the removal of some trees.

The factors considered were the current vegetation, surface, how well a shovel could penetrate the ground, the type of soil, the speed of traffic, how many lanes of traffic, whether there is parking and the length between traffic control devices such as stop signs.

The recommendations included planning for a variety of trees in order to promote beauty and to insure against the loss of a particular species.

Miller also provided an “urban site index inventory” sheet and a list of Ohio trees by size and site hardiness, which can be used for Main Street and for planning in the future. She also provided some information from the ODNR titled “The perils of planting trees too deeply.”

The tree commission invited Miller to attend another meeting in the fall to do an assessment of the trees in the tree lawn throughout the village and help in establishing a tree plan. There will be no cost to the village for her services.

Mayor Kim Hardy read a letter to the council from Marv Adams asking to resign as a village council member. No further facts were given.


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