August 21, 2014

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Lt. Gov. Taylor accepts NFIB endorsement at Lima Pallet Co. PDF Print
Tuesday, July 08, 2014 8:12 PM


DHI Media Editor

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LIMA — The skies cleared just in time for the arrival of Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Tuesday as she visited Lima Pallet Co. to accept the Ohio NFIB endorsement of herself and running mate Gov. John Kasich in November.

President and owner of Lima Pallet Tracie Sanchez welcomed Taylor along with 75 members of the business community and county commissioners as Ohio NFIB Legislative Director Chris Ferruso made the announcement.

“The NFIB is member-driven and the membership unanimously voted to put our support behind the Kasich/Taylor campaign,” Ferruso said. “They have supported the growth of business with the least amount of government intrusion.”

Ferruso listed many benefits small businesses have seen with the current administration, including the lowest unemployment in six years; a focus on work development projects; an effort to bring technical and vocational schools and community colleges in sync with the business community; a reduction in personal income tax so more money can be reinvested in businesses; “pass through” business deductions; and Taylor’s Common Sense Initiative which requires business impact analysis of regulations.

“We have taken a state with less than a dollar in the Rainy Day Fund and we now have $1.5 billion surplus and our credit outlook has improved with no out-of-control spending,” Taylor said. “We didn’t raise taxes and we are more efficient and have created an economic climate for businesses to grow.”

Sanchez said her business was bouncing back and she had the confidence to hire more employees, if needed.

“Our business shows the signs of an economic recovery pretty quickly,” Sanchez said. “We have one of the basics everyone needs.”

Taylor closed the press conferences, thanking Sanchez for her hospitality and the local business for their vote of confidence in her and the governor.

“Small business is the engine of the economy. Ohio is more responsive than ever to the needs of businesses,” Taylor said. “We’re on track and need to keep pushing.”


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