September 2, 2014

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Mastiff wins big at local dog show PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, July 06, 2014 8:22 PM


DHI Media Staff Writer

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LIMA — Owner/handler Babette Stewart and her 2-year old Neapolitan Mastiff, New Moon Renesmee — Reese for short — won big during Sunday afternoon’s 119th All-Breed Dog Show held the weekend of June 28 at the Lima Kennel Club Show Grounds.

Reese competed against four other Mastiffs during the event and took First Place (Winner’s Bitch) in her breed and received a purple ribbon. She then went on to compete in the Best of Breed Competition where she took Best of Opposite (BOS) — the female version of the Best of Breed (BOB) — which is the highest award in that breed and received a red and white ribbon.

“The judge left the ring and said she really, really liked Reese,”she said. “She performed very well.”

Stewart said to win in a class, the dogs have to be the same breed and the number of points are determined by how many females are in the class.

There were a total of 939 dogs entered in the show with a total entry of 961 dogs in 140 different breeds or varieties.

Stewart has shown Reese in over 20 dog shows and with their wins in Lima recently, the duo has accumulated 14 points.

When a dog has received 15 points, he/she is a champion and holds the title all his/her life.

Prior to a show, Stewart works with Reese on her posture — showing her how to stand or “stack them” — and socializing skills.

“We socialize them so they are comfortable around people and used to being touched by judges while they inspect them,” she explained.

The Lima Kennel Club’s judging procedures include a judge inspecting each dog in the ring and comparing him/her to a mental picture of the perfect dog of that breed. The dogs are judged on:

• Physical structure (head, teeth, feet, bone structure, muscle tone, etc.)

• Condition (proper weight, condition of coat, animation, etc.)

• Gait – as seen from front, side and rear

• Temperament – penalizing heavily for shyness or viciousness

Stewart began following in her mother, Sherry Subler’s, footsteps a year and a half ago when she starting showing Reese.

Subler traveled to the Westminster Dog Show in New York with Reese’s sibling New Moon Carlisle in December 2013 where he won an Award of Merit as an exceptionally nice dog and select dog, which means if the winner wouldn’t have been there, he would have won.

“He was only 18 months old competing against 2- and 3-year-olds,” Subler said. “We said that if he could win one of those awards, we would be happy.”

Carlisle has four points to earn before he becomes a Grand Champion.

Subler and Stewart show the dogs once or twice per month and are both getting ready for shows being held this month.


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